Add color to any custom field

zkipster allows you to color-code your guest list. To add colors to a guest field, start by choosing the category to which you would like to assign a color. A few examples are:

  • Dining Preference
  • Company or Title
  • Presenters, Hosts, Speakers

How to create a Color code field? 

To color-code a field, you would need to create a custom field for the chosen category. We recommend creating the custom field in zkipster before importing the guest list; however, you can also create one in the matching screen upon importing the list. 

To create the colored field, follow the steps below. Here you can learn more on How to Create a Custom Field in zkipster.

  1. From the Guest Fields section, select Create Custom Field 
  2. Select Color as the format of the field and assign your field a Label
  3. List all options you will have under this specific field and assign a color for each one of them. 

After the guest list is imported into zkipster, you can view the color custom field by customizing the desktop view. Click on the small web view icon with three gray bars, at the top of your guest list and tick the box to display the field. Click the field name to sort by color.

Color Options

Choose from the following color options:

On the zkipster App

To view fields by color on the zkipster app, be sure to display the custom color field in the Guest Fields tab, located in sidebar menu on the left. This article shows how this can be done in more detail.

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