What happens if I lose signal or internet connection?

If your internet connection is weak or if there is no signal in certain areas of check-in, zkipster will turn on its offline mode until your connection resumes. zkipster users can also turn devices offline if you notice issues that may be associated with an unstable internet connection.

In offline mode, it is possible to continue check-in and collect time stamps. However, it is important to understand that while in offline mode, your devices do not communicate with each other nor with the server. Your guest data is stored locally on each device.

If going offline during the event, you must connect to a network before logging out to sync your data back to the server. If a zkipster user logs out while still offline, all locally stored data will be lost because it will not have been synced to the server.

Please Note: When bringing multiple devices back online from offline mode, do so one by one. Otherwise the syncs may compete with one another, and can potentially overwrite data losing it forever. We recommend bringing one device back online and syncing it to the server, then moving to the second device and so on. 

The zkipster app needs to connect to the internet at least at the beginning of an event. This enables the initial guest data from the servers to be locally stored on the devices.

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