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Troubleshooting Tips for the zkipster Mobile App
Troubleshooting Tips for the zkipster Mobile App

Recommendations and tips on how to prevent and troubleshoot issues with the zkipster mobile app

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Following zkipster's recommendations ahead of your event can prevent you from running into issues on-site that might affect your guest experience. Please check out the articles below with tips on how to best prepare before your event:

If you are experiencing issues when using the zkipster mobile app, there are a few actions that might help you troubleshoot this.

Typically, issues with the mobile app are linked to an outdated app or OS versions, weak network connection or older devices.

Most issues reported by users are resolved by logging out of the app, closing it completely and logging in again to re-trigger the initial sync of your event's data. If that is not sufficient, users can try deleting and reinstalling the latest version of the app.

Another common factor between most reported issues is having a weak network connection available at the venue. In those cases, connect your device to a different network. If not possible, connect one device per time, wait for the app to load the events' data and after that use the app in offline mode.

Please note: using the app in offline mode requires very specific instructions to be followed, to avoid losing your event's data. Read this article here carefully and share it with your colleagues.

How many devices are being used? Is this happening on all devices?

We recommend using one device per approx. 100 guests at check-in and having a maximum of 2 to 3 devices connected to the same network. If more than 3 devices are connected to the same WiFi, this can affect the quality of your experience.

If the issue is happening on just one device, while others are working as usual, it's likely that something on that specific device is causing this. Please check if the device model supports the latest zkipster app version and that the OS installed is also updated.

You can find more instructions on how to check if your mobile device is correctly updated via this article here.

Is the available WiFi/network stable?

Please refer to this article here for WiFi/Internet Recommendations, but in summary, the most important thing to have is a reliable and stable internet connection rather than speed.

However, we do recommend at least a 4G and above network as that enables the fastest and most secure connection currently available. Try to avoid a Public or Ungated WIFI network as you will experience changes in speed dependant on the traffic using that connection.

If you are experiencing patchy WiFi, this may cause problems for the devices to sync with each other correctly which will affect Check-In or Seating. Check out this article on Performance Recommendations on how to improve this.

If the WiFi/Internet issues cannot be resolved and you do not have a different network available, you might need to use the zkipster mobile app in offline mode. Please note that there are very specific instructions on how to use the app while offline - you can read more about this here.

Guest List not Loading or Taking Too Long to Load

It is normal for the mobile app to take a few minutes to load events with large guest lists when you first login. This is because the system is downloading all of the event’s data to the device.

The first sync time will depend on how large your guest list is, how many guest fields are being used, if you are using features such as Seating or Sessions, an so on. If the internet available at the venue is not strong, we recommend logging in to the app one device per time, wait for the data to download and then log in to the next device.

Recommendations for Improving the zkipster Mobile App Performance

  • Archive Past Events - archived events are not synced with the mobile app, so archiving past events will prevent unnecessary data from being loaded to your device.

  • Hide Guest Fields - if you there are any guest fields that do not need to be available to your staff during your event, you can follow the instructions here to hide the fields form the app. This way, only relevant data will be loaded when you login to the app.

  • Update your Device OS - an outdated OS can affect the performance of apps. Please make sure to update your iOS/Android to the latest version available.

  • Update your zkipster Mobile App - Ensure the zkipster app version is up to date. (The latest version is always on the AppStore or Google Play).
    You can tell which version you are on by tapping on 'More' in the bottom right of your iOS app (or the 'i' icon in the bottom right on Android) as shown below:

iOS App and Android Tablet

Android App (Phone)

Raising a Ticket with our Support Team

If after following our recommendations and trying to troubleshoot you are still facing issues with the zkipster mobile app, please reach out to our Support team via the chat or Our team is available 24 hours per day on weekdays.

In order to facilitate our investigation, please raise the ticket with the following information:

  • How many devices are being used? Is this happening on all devices?

  • Which zkipster mobile app version is installed?

  • What is your device model? Which iOS/Android version is installed?

  • Is the available WiFi/network stable?

  • Are you receiving an error message?

Our Support team members will get back to you as soon as possible.

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