Q: How do I know when a guest was checked-in? Can I check-in additional guests as well?

A: Note that every Main Guest receives a timestamp when being checked-in. Additional guests can be attached to a name by simply increasing the number of total guests per name. This article provides more clarity on how to account for additional guests on the excel guest list.

If the names of the additional guests should be added as well, zkipster recommends creating a custom field for guests' names when importing the excel guest list.

It's possible to customize the zkipster app columns to have specific information like Additional Guest's name be shown when searching for guests. This article shows how this is done from the desktop.

Q: How do I uncheck a guest?

A: In the event that guests are checked-in by accident, it is possible to uncheck them at any time by holding down the check-in button until the check-in status reverts. Unchecking guests is synchronized with all devices in real-time.

To revert check-in on iOS, you can also swipe across the guest to the right, and you will see the revert button in gray. Single guests will revert immediately (as with the check-in), for guests with +1's you will be able to choose all guests or the main guest only.

Q: How do I search for or find a guest?

The most efficient way to search big lists is by using the search bar on the top of the guest list.

Pro Tip: We advise to use the 3 letter rule: type in the first 3 letters of a name to be as efficient as possible.

Please note that all fields are searchable. It's possible to search for any information in the Guest's Details, which means when searching for "vegetarian", all guests with the same data will pull up immediately.

Q: Does the data sync across all devices used at an event?

A: As long as the devices are connected to a stable network the devices will sync automatically to the server. This means actions like check-in or added guests are being updated throughout the account in real-time across all devices.

Some providers ask for manual synchronization by pushing a sync-button - which is done by clicking the circle-arrow icon in the bottom left corner of the Android device or swiping across your screen for iOS devices.

Please check our best practices and recommendations on using the zkipster app.

Q: Does the app support barcode or QR code scanning?

A: With zkipster, it is possible to scan QR codes and barcodes on both the iOS and Android app in order to find and check-in your guests quickly! The code scanner icon is located to the right of the search bar on Android devices, and at the bottom of the screen for iOS devices:

After permitting zkipster access to your camera, scan your barcodes or QR codes by placing the square on the camera over the respective code. Once the code has been scanned, the guest profile will come up instantly giving you the opportunity to check in your guest(s):

To speed things up even further, you can enable the ‘Check-in Guest After Scan’ function via the app settings. Switching on this function allows the app to automatically check-in your guests after scanning their code, without the need to manually press the check-in button on their profile.

If you are using the Invitations feature, you have the option to create and send QR codes to your guests directly through zkipster! However, you can also scan QR and barcodes that have been generated outside of the zkipster system. To check-in guests on the app using codes created outside of the platform, you will need to upload the code values (i.e. the encoded information contained inside the code) for each of your guests as an additional custom field via your excel spreadsheet when importing your guest list.

Q: What happens if the venue or devices go offline?

A: If there is no internet connection, the system switches to offline mode until the signal comes back on. In this mode, it's possible to check-in guests and collects timestamps, but the devices will not sync until the internet signal is back on.

It's important to understand that when devices are offline, they don't communicate with each other, nor with the server. This article goes into more detail on Offline Mode; how this works and what to be aware of.

The reason why this does not lead to data loss is that the app can store data locally. In case of an offline incident during the event, it is important to get the app back online before logging out, which will ensure local data syncing up with the servers. If the device is logged out while offline all data on that device will be lost as it did not have a chance to sync to the cloud.

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