Guest Picture Sourcing with zkipster

zkipster Basic and Professional users are able to source pictures for each guest through the zkipster Picture Sourcing feature. The feature is accessible through the guest list interface and will source the top 10 photos from across the Internet for each guest. It is also possible to manually upload a photo for each guest or take a photo and add to the guest's profile during the event. Instructions are below along with a video.

Sourcing Pictures

  1. Select the check box at the top left of your guest list to select all, or next to each guest to select them individually
  2. Select Source Pictures from the Action drop down menu
  3. Select a photo from the 10 options available
  4. Or click Manual Upload to upload a photo from your files

The photos will be visible in the Guest Picture column in the Guest Lists view as well as the in individual Guest Overview on the browser, and can additionally be seen in the Guest Detail bar on the zkipster app.

Activate Memory

If a picture has previously been selected for a guest, it will be possible to click Activate Memory at the top right of the Guest Picture Sourcing page. This will automatically select the photo for the guest and place it in the Guest Picture section.

Please note that the zkipster system will only keep a memory of pictures that were previously selected from your specific account, not all zkipster accounts.

Adding to Picture List for a Tip Sheet

Once pictures have been selected for each guest, zkipster users typically want to add them to a picture list in order to print out a tip sheet. To do this:

  1. Select all guests with an associated picture
  2. Select Add to Picture List from the Action drop down menu
  3. A new column will show on the Guest Lists view stating Included
  4. To print a tip sheet, go to Event Settings
  5. Click Print Guest Pictures
  6. At the top right of the screen a PDF option will enable to save and print this page

Customizing the Picture List

To customize the guest field displayed below the guest photo go to the Guest Fields and place the desired *custom* field in the third position.

Pro Tip: To add a short Bio or reference below the guest photo, create a custom field with the information (fields allow up to 250 characters) and place the field in the third position as described above. 

Adding Guest Image During the Event 

zkipster users can edit or add an image to guest's profile during guest check-in and at any point during the event. 

To add or edit guest's photo, tap on the profile image and select preferred method of upload. Users using iPhone or iPad devices can capture guest's photo or upload existing one from their device library.
The new image will automatically save to the guest's profile and update across all devices. You can use the photo in future events via the Activate Memory feature. 

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