How to Use Guest Facesheets

Learn how to build and customize Guest Facesheets in zkipster

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With Guest Facesheets, you can build, customize and print a picture list for all or selected guests in the event. The Guest Facesheet(s) will be available in the zkipster app, and you can use the image list to search for and check-in guests.

How to Add Images to the Guest Facesheet

You can use the Picture Sourcing feature or manually add an image to your guests' profile. Once you have assigned the images, zkipster will automatically add them to your event Guest Facesheet. In the article here, you can learn more about how to source pictures for your guest list. To add or remove guests from the Facesheet, use the 'Action' dropdown menu in the guest list view. 

How to Customize your Facesheet

In the Guest Facesheet section, you can further customize your picture list and choose to include additional information like organization, guest information, etc.  

At the top of the page under 'Guests', you can choose which guest lists to view, or view all guest list.

With the 'Filter' option, you can filter by guest status (unconfirmed, confirmed, declined, or checked-in).

There are two different views to print the Guest Facesheet, you can choose Grid or List view. 

Grid View

This view is focused on the image of the guest and you can display up to three additional guest fields beneath the image. To customize the fields to be displayed, simply click on the settings wheel icon beside the two views.

Pro Tip: To add a short Bio of your guests', create a 'Custom Field' with the information (fields allow up to 250 characters) and select the field as a third option to display.

List View

Guests and their images are displayed as a list. This view gives more space to display details and information about your guests. The list view also allows the use of dynamic tags in the description box to the right of the assigned fields.

If you are using the Guest Relationships feature in your guest list, you can choose to display the information of which other guests in your event are related to the guest on your Facesheet by adding the dynamic tag :guest_relationships to the text box. The dynamic tag is available via the 'Tags' dropdown menu:

Once you click 'Save', you will be able to see the relationships that were automatically pulled by the dynamic tag:

Printing your Guest Facesheet

Once you have built and customize your Guest Facesheet, click on the 'Print Facesheet' button at the top right corner to export your Facesheet.

To learn how to use and manage Facesheets on the app, check the article here.

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