Sending emails with attachments can significantly hurt your email deliverability, as Internet Service Providers (ISPs) often treat such emails as a threat and directly send them to the spam folder. Here are some reasons why:

  • Email attachments are commonly used to hide malware or viruses. Internet Service Providers frequently flag and block those type of emails because of this

  • Attachments increase the size of your messages, which in return increases the time it takes to send your email

  • Attachments take longer to download and may spoil the experience of your email recipients

Due to the impact on email deliverability and user experience, zkipster does not allow for attachments to be included with your online invitations.

An alternative method of sharing your files with your guests is hosting the documents or images you would like to attach online via a file hosting service and generating a shareable link to the files in question. You can then insert the link in the body text section of your online invitation and/ or confirmation email, either through a simple copy and paste of the URL or by hyperlinking part of your invitation text as shown in the screen shot below:

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