The zkipster app is designed to be lightweight and quick; providing a slick and convenient way to view, greet, and check in your guests. However, larger guest lists can not only tax the app, they can also strain the processing memory of your check-in device.

zkipster subscriptions and Single Professional Events allow you to import an unlimited number of guests via the browser. Despite this, we generally do not recommend going above 5000 Main Guests within one single event when using the zkipster app as any more might affect app performance and speed.

To optimise the performance of the app on the day of your event, we suggest limiting your lists to a range of 2000 - 5000 guests across the entire event. For events with more than 5000 guests, we advise to ideally split your guest list out into two (or more) individual events, especially if other factors that might impact performance are present.

Factors that can additionally impact app performance are:

  • The amount of custom guest fields used on the event
  • The amount of data contained within each custom guest field
  • The age and processing memory of the devices you are using
  • The operating system and zkipster app version you are using on your device

Events with up to 2000 Guests

For events with less than 2000 guests, you are free import all guests into one single guest list and add up to 10 custom guest fields (in addition to the default guest fields already available in zkipster). You can use the zkipster app on both Android and iOS devices. 

Recommendations for Events with 2000+ Guests 

If your list contains more than 2000 guests, split your guest entries out into separate, smaller guest lists (for example alphabetically, i.e. 'Guests A-M', 'Guests N-P', etc.) and import your lists into zkipster one at a time. All guest lists will be visible on the app on the day of the event.

Best practice: After importing your first guest list into zkipster via the browser, wait for it to load on all devices on the app before proceeding to import the second guest list, and the third, and so on.

Additionally, pay attention to the following:

  • Use as few custom guest fields as possible - A large amount of custom guest fields (3 or more) containing lengthy information require more processing memory and thus more time to load on the app. We recommend limiting the amount of required fields for your guest check-in on event day to the essentials: First Name, Last Name, +1 Guest Details, Organization, etc. 
  • Avoid duplicating guest entries - zkipster does not de-duplicate your guests but treats each guest as a new entry. 
  • Check your devices ahead of time - Test device performance well before the start of your event and also make sure that you have the latest app version installed (Newer devices tend to perform better with larger guest lists. Please see our device recommendations here). 

Please Note: If you are planning on using zkipster generated QR codes for your guest check-in via the Invitations feature, please make sure to import your guests into the correct event (if splitting your guest list out into several different events) from the very start before sending out your invitation email(s), as the zkipster QR code values cannot be transferred across events. 

Asynchronous Guest List Uploader

zkipster uses an asynchronous guest list importer for large guest list uploads, which gets triggered at the 2000 guests mark for a more stable import and better user experience.

When a list with 2000+ names gets uploaded, the system will internally break it down into smaller chunks, add it to a queue and import each bit one after the other. A pop-up notifies you when an asynchronous import is underway and informs you about the progress:

You would additionally be able to follow the progress of the import via the 'View Progress' button in the notification alert bar at top of your screen:

Once an asynchronous import is underway, another file import cannot be initiated until it has been completed. However you would be able to still add guests individually.
zkipster will notify you via email of the success or failure of the upload. If successful, all imported guests will automatically appear inside your guest list.

Additional Recommendations for a Seamless Check-In Process

In line with our best practice rules and performance recommendations, always make sure you

  • Check that your device's operating system is up to date 
  • Ensure your zkipster app is working on the latest version 
  • Start up your app and load your guest list(s) ahead of your event start
  • Make sure you have a strong, stable Internet connection
  • Do not connect too many devices to the same WiFi network (Setting up WiFi hotspots is a good way to combat this - typically 2-3 devices per hotspot)
  • Avoid too many shared printers

Best practice: If the processing time of your app is still taking a long time during guest check-in despite you following best practice rules, you can also switch to Offline Mode in which case your guest registration will only be saved locally on each device.
For more information on how to operate in Offline Mode, please refer to the following article.

For questions and support, reach out via the chat or email support at

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