How to Set up and Use Public Forms

Learn when to use a public form and how to configure your form settings

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Public Forms are accessible via URL link or QR code. Users can share public forms anywhere outside of zkipster or link them in the email invitation via the RSVP button or use the form tags in the Text section or link to SMS/WhatsApp Messages. Anyone with access to the link or QR code can open the form and submit it to the event. The form is blank, and each person's entry creates a new guest inside the event.  

How to Set up a Public Form? 

Always use the Consent Form or Response Form Template. Improper Linking of the RSVP button in your zkipster email to a public form might result in overriding guest information. For more information on using the Public Forms for your specific use case, refer to the links at the bottom of this article. 

In the Settings section of the form, switch the form to 'public' to generate an URL and QR code leading to the form. Here you would also set the following: 

  1. The internal name for the form

  2. Form Hosting: Enterprise users can use custom URLs and extensions. Professional users can choose from predefined domains for the form URL. Learn more about custom domains in the article here.

  3. The Guest List where guests' registration would save 

  4.  Assign the total number of guests each person can bring. The number of allowed +1's would apply to every person registering for the event 

  5. Set the form to close when a specific condition is met automatically. Here, you can learn more on automatically closing the form and composing a 'Form is closed message.'

  6. Tick the ‘Allow checked-in guests to submit form’ box if you want your guests that have already checked-in to still be able to submit a form - this option will be set as ON by default on consent forms, and OFF on response forms.

Please note: The default settings when creating a new form will be for it to close one week after the event end date. Please, always check your settings prior to sending the invitation and change if necessary.

When to use Public Forms?

If you have questions, please contact the support team, using the online chat.

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