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How to set up the Text Section of your Invitation
How to set up the Text Section of your Invitation

Learn to customize the text section, reordering the image and text section and how to use dynamic tags

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The 'Text' section is where you can add the body information in your email invitation. You can duplicate, re-order, add your event text and details as well as hyperlinks and dynamic tags.

zkipster always recommends to have a text accompany any image(s) in your online invitations as this greatly improves the deliverability of your emails and prevents them from falling into spam.

The Rich Text Editor enables you to:

  • Change the font, style, size and color of your text

  • Introduce horizontal lines across your text

  • Amend the text alignment to left, right or center

  • Add bullet or numbered lists

  • Insert hyperlinks

  • Enable Right to Left writing (to support Arabic, Hebrew and other RTL writing systems)

  • Clear any previous formatting

  • Insert dynamic tags to automatically pull relevant information

If you are familiar with HTML, you can further manipulate the source code of your invitation email to your specific needs via the '< >' symbol in the Body Text menu.

Personalizing your Email with Dynamic Tags, Form Tags and Zoom Tags

Use the dynamic guest and event tags to personalize your email content.
The automated tags dynamically pull the information from the relevant guest fields so that when you add items like their guest name, seating assignments, company name or any other relevant information contained in the guest list or event, it will display in the email body. Personalizing the body text of your invitation will additionally help with the deliverability of your emails.

Form Tags

Use the 'Form Tags' drop-down to insert the dynamic tags of the Consent Form and other forms that are active within your event. To learn more about Consent Forms, please visit the article here.

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Please note: when duplicating an event or email that contains a Form Tag, the Form Tags will stay linked to the original form. We recommend you to always manually update the form tag.

Zoom Tags

Use Zoom's dynamic tags to insert event information directly from Zoom into your zkipster email. The tags will be replaced by the information available in the selected Zoom meeting or webinar and work in the same way as the zkipster tag system. Check this article for information on how to embed zoom information in your zkipster email invitation.

Pro Tip: To ensure accuracy, always insert dynamic tags directly from the 'Tags drop- down' menu instead of typing in the field information.

You can also use the zoom tags as hyperlinks to shorten the URL in the body of the confirmation email. Please learn more in this article.

Duplicating and Reordering the Text Section of your Email

By default, as you start working, the system will provide you with one 'Text' section. However, the text section can easily be duplicated in case you need more than one- to create an email footer, or add additional text to your invitation.

Simply hover over the text tab for the Duplicate icon to appear:

Reordering the Email Sections

Apart from the 'Background' and 'Plain Text' tabs, which are locked, all sections of the email composer are movable and can be reordered as needed.

To rearrange the order of your invitation email elements, drag and drop the sections in desired order.

For each section it is further possible to define a top margin in order to allow for different spacing between the sections in case they are being reordered (the default margin is 20px).

Learn more on how to customize the rest of the email sections in the article here.

Sending a Test Email to Check your Invitation Design

We strongly encourage you to send yourself a test email during the design process of your online invitation to check that you are happy with the look and feel of the final invitation. You can find this option at the top of your Email Builder - more details on this here.

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