How to Customize your Email Design

This article provides a quick overview of the email customization sections in zkipster

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Please watch our tutorial video for a quick overview:

The Composer part of your email builder allows you to completely tailor the look and feel of your campaign to your brand and event. You will always start off with a blank template, which you can customize as needed:

Please note: Always remember to save any edits or changes that you make in the email campaign by clicking on the gold 'Save Changes' button at the top right corner:

Sections in the Email Composer

The email composer consists of sections, and each one is customizable. You can rearrange the sections of the email, duplicate or completely turn off each one. Use the links below for a deep dive into each part of the email.

  • Background: Customize the background colors of your campaign

  • Plain Text: enable and allow to send a stripped down text-only email of your designed HTML campaign

  • Image: Upload an event logo, image or an event banner. You can duplicate the image section and include multiple images within the email

  • Text: Add your event text, event details and hyperlinks

  • Add To Calendar: Add the option for your guests to save your event to their personal calendars

  • QR Code: Enable QR codes and use to check-in your guests at the event

  • Button: Customize the look of the RSVP button and make additional settings based on the email template you have selected

  • Social Share Icons: Add social media icons to share your social networks with your guests

Duplicating and Reordering of Email Composer Sections

Duplicating Image and Text Sections

As you start building your email, by default, zkipster will provide you with one 'Image' and one 'Text' section. However, each image and text section can easily be duplicated in case you need more than one of those items on your email campaign.
Simply hover with your cursor over the respective tab your want to copy for the Duplicate icon to appear:

Reordering the Email Sections

Apart from the 'Email Setup', 'Background' and 'Plain Text' tabs, which are locked, all sections of the email composer are movable and can be reordered as needed.
To rearrange the order of your email campaign elements, simply hold your cursor down on one specific section and drag it to your desired location:

For each section it is further possible to define a top margin in order to allow for different spacing between the sections in case they are being reordered (the default margin is 20px):

Plain Text Version

Turning this option on enables you to send a stripped down text-only email of your designed HTML email campaign to guests who have very strong security settings on their email servers, such as government or banking institutions.
Sync your email body text via the 'Sync from HTML' option, add any additional event details as needed and also make sure to include further information on how your guests can get a hold of you to manually RSVP to your event:

Sending a Test Email to Check your Campaign Design

We strongly encourage you send yourself a test email during the design process of your email campaign to check that you are happy with the look and feel of your final email campaign. You can find this option at the top of your Email Builder - more details on this here.

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