The Event dashboard is the home for account users in zkipster. You can invite new users from the dashboard, manage event teams, search, filter and archive events.

Here is a quick video overview of the dashboard:

Adding Teams to Events and Inviting New Users

There are 3 ways to invite users and add event teams from the Event Dashboard:

  • The + Sign icon: use the plus sign icon in the upper right-hand side of the browser to add/invite new zkipster users.

  • The Action Menu: use the 'Action' dropdown menu under your Upcoming Events to add teams to your events in bulk and invite new users to your zkipster account.

  • The Event Teams: Clicking on the initials logo under the 'Event Team' section to invite new zkipster users or add teams to a specific event.

In the article here, you can find more information on how to invite new users to your account and add teams to events in zkipster.

Event Team Management

You can easily manage users for both the event level and account level. Each event will show the users assigned to it by clicking on the 'Event Team' section. Here, you can then edit your event team, add existing users to the event, and invite new users to your zkipster account and event.

Pro Tip: To access your user profiles quickly, click on the profile logo at the upper right-hand side of the browser. It also provides quick access to the 'Team Members' section of your zkipster account (The Team Member section is only available to zkipster Administrators and Account Owners).

Adding Users to Events in Bulk

You can add users to events in bulk. Directly from the dashboard, use the 'Action' dropdown to manage the users in bulk:

Event Search, Filtering, Archiving and View Types

There is now a quick search that allows the user to type-specific keywords for the events.

Basic Filter

The basic filter option will filter the categories for All, Upcoming and Past Events.

Advance Filter

The advance filter option will allow the user to refine their search by:

  • Date

  • City

  • Country

  • Event Type

  • Event Location Type

  • Team Members

Archive and Unarchive Events

Account Owners, Admins & Event Hosts are now able to archive/unarchive Past events.

Two ways to archive/unarchive your event:

1. Select the event(s) and click the archive/unarchive option from the Action dropdown.

2. Click on the archive/unarchive icon next to your event to do the action.

Please note that archived events are:

  • Reportable - the data is available for export and will be available for account reporting in the future.

  • Can be archived and unarchived by Account owners, Admins or Event Hosts only.

  • Needs to be unarchived first before a user can access the event.

  • Not synced to devices.

  • Not viewable by other user roles - they would only see upcoming & past events.

Events List View

List View

This view will show more added information to the table at a glance. The extra information and layout makes it easy to stay informed about your events. By default, the list of events set to view is 9.

Additional viewpoints added for the following:

1. All

  • Event Image

  • Event Name

  • Event Date

  • Location

  • Event Team

2. Upcoming Events

  • Last Edited

  • Confirmed Guests

3. Past Events

  • Attended Total

  • No-Show Total

Grid View

This view has been added for those who prefer to view the events more visually.

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