How To Manage Zoom Panelists in zkipster

How pass on your panelists' unique join URLs using a zkipster invitation

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While you are able to add and manage your Zoom event guests directly via zkipster through our native Zoom integration, this is currently not possible to do with any panelists of your Zoom webinars.

If you still want to communicate with your Zoom panelists through zkipster, you will need to manually add them to both your Zoom and zkipster event first (it is recommended to create a separate 'Panelists' guest list for this in zkipster).

To pass on their panelist Zoom Join URL using a zkipster invitation, the best thing to do would be to:

  1. Create an extra custom guest field in zkipster for ‘Panelist Zoom Join URL’

  2. Configure your Zoom webinar email settings to 'No Invitation Email to Panelists’

  3. Add your panelists to your Zoom webinar and corresponding zkipster event

  4. Click on ‘Copy’ next to each panelist’s listing in Zoom to access their unique
    Zoom Join URL inside the Zoom invitation text (Please note: Zoom generates a personalized, non-transferable link for each panelist)

  5. Manually copy the respective URL(s) across into the ‘Panelist Zoom Join URL’ custom field on each panelist’s zkipster guest profile

  6. Set up an invitation for your panelists and use the custom field as an invitation tag so that the Zoom Join URLs pull through dynamically for each panelist

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