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How to Use QR Codes Generated Outside of zkipster for Guests Check-in
How to Use QR Codes Generated Outside of zkipster for Guests Check-in

Learn how to use QR codes generated outside of zkipster to check-in guests with the zkipster app

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In zkipster, you can check-in guests with QR and barcodes that have been generated outside of the system using our app. To learn more about QR codes in zkipster, please visit the article here.

Please also watch our tutorial here:

Steps to Import your QR codes or Barcodes values:

1. Create a Custom Field for the code values (i.e. the encoded information contained inside the QR code or Barcodes that you have generated outside zkipster) via your excel spreadsheet.

Excel file sample:

Sample Barcode value:

2. Once you have uploaded your guest list and the code values in zkipster. You can now scan the QR code or Barcodes that was generated outside of zkipster and use to check-in your guests via the zkipster app. Please note that it will automatically pull up the guest profile tied to the code value that has been uploaded.

Please Note: Please also make sure to create a Custom Field in zkipster and name it as 'Code Value' via the matching screen or via the 'Guest Fields' tab.

Pro Tip: If you are using the Invitations feature, you can also add the code value of the QR code or Barcode via the 'QR Code' section.

From the QR Code tab in the email composer, select 'Check-in ID' then choose 'Custom ID' and select the unique value that you have imported in zkipster from the dropdown list.

Please also check this article on how to set up QR Codes in your invitation.

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