How to Manage Users in zkipster 

Find out how to maintain a user access in zkipster

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All users that are currently part of your zkipster account will appear in the 'Users' section of the Account Settings under the 'Users & Teams' tab.

Here you can view the account permission each user has been assigned, the number of events they have been added to, the last time each user logged in, whether MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) has been enabled as well as the last they have reset their password.

Users Action Menu

Use the Action Dropdown menu to apply actions to one or a few users at a time:

1. Select which user(s) you'd like the action to be performed on by ticking the checkbox next to the relevant username(s)

2. Select the specific action

  • Change Account Permission Scheme: Switch the permission access of the user

  • Change Access: Choose between 'Mobile and Web' to access all platforms or 'Mobile only' to access only the mobile app

  • Disable: Disable a user access

  • Enable: Enable a user access

  • Reset Password: Choose between send a password link to a user or set a password for the user

  • Team (Enterprise Accounts only):

    • Add to Team: Add users to your created team

    • Remove from Team: Remove user from a team

  • Event:

    • Add to Event: Provide user access to an event

    • Remove from Event: Disable user access to an event

  • Delete: Remove the user entirely from zkipster

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