The user of your zkipster account will appear in the 'Users' section of the Account Settings under the 'Users & Teams' tab. Here, you can view the account permission, number of events they were added to, last time a user logged in, whether MFA (Multi-factor authentication) has been enabled for Enterprise accounts and reset their password.

Users Action Menu

Use the Action Dropdown menu to apply actions to one or a few users at a time.

  1. First, select which user you'd like the action to be performed on.

  2. Select the specific action.

    • Change Account Permission Scheme - switch the permission access of the user

    • Change Access - choose between 'Mobile and Web' to access all platforms or 'Mobile only' to access only the mobile app.

    • Disable - disable a user access

    • Enable - enable a user access

    • Reset Password - choose between send a password link to a user or set a password for the user

    • Team (Enterprise Accounts):

      a) Add to Team - add users to your created team

      b) Remove from Team - remove user from a team

    • Event:

      a) Add to Event - provide user access to an event

      b) Remove from Event - disable user access to an event

    • Delete - remove the user entirely from zkipster

Please also check the articles here on how to add a new user to your account, how to provide users access to an event and how to delete users from your zkipster account.

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