An important step when preparing for your event is to ensure that your mobile device follow zkipster's recommendations to guarantee the best performance of the app during check-in. The zkipster mobile app is currently supported on iOS and Android devices only and we recommend having the latest Operating System (OS) running on your devices for better performance.

How to Find your iOS Device Model and iOS Version

If you are using an iOS device, you can check its model and iOS version by opening the device Settings and clicking on the 'General' tab on the left hand side menu and then clicking into the 'About' section:

Always make sure to have the latest iOS supported on your device installed. You can find out if there is an update available by clicking on Settings > General > Software Update. Once you discover your device's model and iOS version, you can refer to this article on Device Recommendations to view if the zkipster app is supported on that specific model and iOS.

How to Find your Android OS Version

To run the zkipster app on an Android operating system, the minimum supported OS needed is Android 8.0 Oreo, but we recommend using a device running the latest version - Android 11. You can find your Android OS version by opening your device Settings, clicking into the 'About Phone/Device' section and then opening the 'Android Version' tab:

Please note: Android devices are produced by several manufacturers, there might be a few variations on where you can locate the Android version of your mobile or tablet.

Check if your zkipster app is Updated

Besides checking if your mobile device and OS supports the zkipster app, we recommend checking the app version you are using is the latest one, to guarantee a flawless check-in experience. You can view the version of your zkipster app at the bottom of the login screen:

Alternatively, you can also find out which version of the zkipster app you are using and the latest version of the app available at the bottom of the Events dashboard or by clicking into 'More' at the bottom left side of the screen:

You can find more information on how to guarantee a flawless check-in experience in the articles below:

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