We are excited to announce the upcoming release of the new Document Uploader function. This feature will enable guests to upload files when submitting their RSVP to your event, such as guest pictures, COVID-19 certificates and vaccination cards, or other additional documents that your event requires.

In summary, the Document Uploader feature will allow event planners to:

  • Request guests’ to upload files via the Response Forms.

  • Make it mandatory for a guest to upload a file in order to submit their RSVP.

  • Upload files to Guest Profiles.

  • Visualise and download guests' files via browser or mobile app.

The Document Uploader will support the upload of .pdf, .png, .jpg and .tiff files of a maximum size of 5MB. Additionally, your guest will also be able to view and upload their own Guest Picture, with a maximum size of 2MB.

Enforcing COVID-19 policies

The new feature will allow zkipster users to request guests to upload their COVID-19 vaccination cards or certificates when submitting their RSVP, making it possible for event planners to validate their guests' documents prior to the event.

Additionally, users can already enforce COVID-19 requirements by using the ‘Consent Form’ feature. It allows event planners to collect signed consent from their guests acknowledging that they are aware of certain event policies, or confirming they have been tested negative for COVID-19, for instance. Learn more about Consent Forms here.

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