Event planners on the Professional and Enterprise plans can use the Invitations feature to create and share Response Forms in order to collect RSVPs and any other guest information your event requires.

The zkipster Response Forms have three different customizable pages:

  • Landing Page (optional): An initial page where you can add any relevant introductory information about your event, before directing the guest to the actual Response Form. You can also use this page to enable your guest to submit an RSVP on behalf of a related guest.

  • Form Page: The actual response form where you can request all the information you want your guests to submit and include a button for them to confirm or decline attendance.

  • Success Page: The page shown after submitting the form. You can customize this page and display different messages depending if your guest accepted or declined your invitation.

Please check the short video tutorial here:

Once you create a Response Form using an Email + Form invitation template or a Standalone Response Form template, you will be able to navigate through the three different pages via the left hand side menu:

By default, the Landing Page will be the first page displayed to you once you create a new Response Form, but you can click into the Form or Success page thumbnails to open the different pages:

The Landing Page is the only Response Form page that can be completely disabled. Simply hover your mouse on top of the Landing page thumbnail and click into the 'Eye' icon to disable it:

Please note: Once you disable your Landing Page, your guests will be directed straight into the Form Page when they open your RSVP invitation. You can re-enable the Landing Page by clicking into the 'Eye' icon again or click the 'Turn Landing Page On' text located in the middle part of the screen.

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