With Guest Facesheets, you can build, customize and print a picture list for all or selected guests in the event. Once you configure your Facesheet on the desktop, it will be available to you via the zkipster mobile app on the day of your event so you can search and check-in guests directly from the Facesheet screen.

Viewing the Guest Facesheet on the app

To view the Guest Facesheet on the zkipster mobile app, you can simply open your event's guest list and click on the 'Guest Facesheet' tab located on the top right side of the list:

You can define if you want to view the Facesheet in two formats:

  • Tiles: more guests are displayed at the same time, but less guest fields are visible

  • List: less guests are displayed at the same time, but more guest fields are visibile

By default, when you open the Facesheet on the app, the tiles mode is active, but you can easily change it to the list mode by clicking on top of the square icon located below the search bar:

Sorting and Filtering your Guest Facesheet

You can define the sort order of your Facesheet and further filter it by guest status so that only a segment of your guest list is displayed.

To sort your guests by 'Guest List Name', 'First Name' or 'Last Name', click on the arrow icon below the search bar and select the order you want your guests to be displayed:

Additionally, you can also filter your Guest Facesheet so it only shows 'Checked-In' guests or 'Confirmed' guests by clicking on top of the funnel icon:

Please note: any changes made to the sort order, filtering or display mode (tiles vs. list) is only applicable to the device where the change is being made from. If you are using multiple devices and want the same configurations across all of them, you will need to configure each device individually.

Checking-In Guests and Editing Guest Details

From the Guest Facesheet tab, users also have the option to check-in guests and their +1s and view and make amendments to the main guest profile.

If you need to see the full guest detail or make any amendments to it, you can simply tap on top of the guest picture and the guest details will appear on the right side of your screen.

Click on the 'Edit' button from the top right of the Guest Detail section to edit guest fields. Once you have saved the changes, tap on top of the guest picture again to close the Guest Detail section:

From the 'Guest Detail' section, you are able to check-in your guests using the 'Check-In' button.

For an even faster check-in, you can simply slide the guest card to the right to check them into your event.

If your guest has +1s, once you slide the guest card to the right you will be able to check-in your main guest by clicking on the top button. To check-in the +1s, click on the bottom button:

A check mark will appear on top of the guest picture once the guest is checked-in:

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