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How to CC a Second Recipient on your zkipster Invitation Email
How to CC a Second Recipient on your zkipster Invitation Email

Learn how to add a 'Secondary Email' to your guest profile in order to CC another person on an invitation email

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The ability to CC an additional recipient on your invitation emails helps minimize the possibility of not receiving RSVPs. This is useful specially when sending invitations to VIP guests such as celebrities, government officials, high-level corporate executives, or any other guest who has a personal assistant or secretary.

The ‘Secondary Email’ default guest field can be used to allow another person to RSVP on behalf of the main guest.

Secondary Email Guest Field

To use the CC function, you can fill the 'Secondary Email' field automatically during your guest list spreadsheet import.

Add a 'Secondary Email' column in your spreadsheet

A 'Secondary Email' is already set up on your zkipster event or account as a default field and will automatically appear as 'Matched' (for example First Name, Last Name, etc.) as long as you have followed the exact guest field naming convention on the columns of your spreadsheet, as pointed out in this article.

You also have the option to 'Skip a Column' via the dropdown menu if you wish not to upload this information to your event.

Once you upload your list, a green check should appear next to each field indicating that the fields have been successfully matched.

The 'Secondary Email' column can be made visible on the guest list view. The 'Search' toolbar is also handy if you need to look for a specific email address rather than going through each entry on the 'Secondary Email' column.

You can also add your guest's secondary email manually by opening the specific guest profile and typing the address under the 'Secondary Email' field.

Important Note: The primary email is required in order for the CC function to work. zkipster invitation email will not be sent to the guest if the 'Email' guest field is blank, even there's an email address on the 'Secondary Email' field.

How to Enable the CC Function on zkipster Invitation Email

You can activate the CC function either on the 'Settings' tab on the 'Email' composer or via the 'Review' section of your invitation.

On the 'Email' section, simply go to 'Settings', expand the 'Send To' section and scroll down to 'Include guest secondary email in CC'. You can enable this function by ticking the box and save any changes by clicking on the 'Save Changes' button at the top right corner.

If you want to enable the CC function on the 'Review' section, scroll down to 'Email will be sent to' and tick the 'Include guest secondary email in CC' and then Save.

Using the Secondary Email Dynamic Tag

The secondary email can also be included in the body of the Email or Form via a dynamic tag:

BCC Function

Users can also BCC another team member part of the same zkipster account so that they can receive the same invitations as the guests.

To activate this function, simply go to the 'Email' section of your invitation, click on 'Settings', expand the 'Send To' section, and scroll down to 'Include BCC'.

Turn the toggle ON to enable it and add the names of the team members on the 'Send a Copy of Every Email to' that you wish to be blind carbon copied. Click on 'Save Changes' at the top right corner.

Important Note: Activating this function could result to large number of emails sent to the team members added on the BCC. For example, if you have 1000 guests and you sent an invitation to the entire guest list, your team members will receive 1000 invitation emails.

Exporting your Guest List

Aside from the original guests’ data and any additional information you have collected prior and during the event, the new 'Secondary Email' column will also now be included when you export your guest list.

Email Reporting

The email reporting page will you show your delivery and bounce statistics for the invitation email you have sent. More information here: Email and Form Reporting

With the new CC function, zkipster will display an email delivery report for both main guest and the secondary email if the 'Include CC delivery in reporting' is enabled. Otherwise, it will only display the report for the main guest.

Please note: The CC reporting is not applicable for confirmation or decline emails. In addition, when selecting ‘Resend’ in the action drop-down menu, it will send to primary and secondary emails.

Exporting Invitation Report

New columns for the Secondary Email field will also be included when you export the invitation report. It will also show the deliverability status and reasons in case the email not successfully delivered to the guest.

Seating: Share-a-table

zkipster's Share a Table function allows collaborating with external partners and event stakeholders to seat and manage guest seats at events. Using a shareable link, you can invite outside contributors to place guests on specific seats and add these guests to a guest list.

Secondary Email is now one of the options that you can choose when collecting guest information via share-a-table URL.

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