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How to Upload your Guest List

Importing a spreadsheet file (XLSX or CSV format) into zkipster

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How to import a spreadsheet file

There are two ways to import guests into zkipster:

  • Importing via XLSX or CSV file

  • Manually adding a guest

This article will cover how to import a spreadsheet file (XLSX or CSV format) into zkipster.

Watch our tutorial video for a quick overview:

Please note that we have a cap of 10,000 guests per event as this is the limit we can guarantee flawless performance and a quality experience of zkipster. This limit applies to Main Guests only and is the total across any guest lists inside one event (not including +1s). Adding your guests to various sessions will count towards the 10k guest limit for guaranteed best performance on the app.

For events with 2,000+ guests, please additionally refer to our article on how to manage large guest lists in zkipster.

Important Information Before Uploading

Before importing your excel document into zkipster, we recommend checking out this article on Tips and FAQs on how to format your spreadsheet and errors to avoid when setting up your guest list file.

To download the example template file, click 'Download Template File' located at the bottom of the 'Import From File' page in zkipster.

Please note: When downloading the template file, it will show all the default and custom fields of the specific event you are currently working on inside of zkipster. This also means that the fields displayed on the template will change depending on which event plan you purchased.

(For example, Professional Events will have Floorplan Table Label and Floorplan Seat Label columns show up on the template file, etc.)

Uploading a Spreadsheet File into zkipster

1. Click on the 'Add Guest List' button (located on the upper right corner)

2. Name the Guest List and click 'Add'

Please note: You are able to have multiple guest lists within the same event. Make sure to give each one a clear naming convention to keep your different lists organized.

3. Inside your Guest List, Click on 'Add Guests'
4. Select 'Import from File'
5. Confirm your Guest List Selection and click 'Next'
6. Select your XLSX or CSV file (or drag and drop it straight into the box)

Next, you will be prompted with a Matching Screen where you will match your file's spreadsheet columns to the guest fields in zkipster.

The Matching Screen

Matching Guest Fields Automatically

Any default fields and additional custom fields that have already been set up on your zkipster event or account ahead of time will automatically appear as 'Matched' (for example First Name, Last Name, etc.) as long as you have followed the exact guest field naming convention on the columns of your spreadsheet, as pointed out in this article.

Matching Guest Fields Manually

You are able to manually match any of the remaining unmatched fields via the dropdown menu on the right. You can also create new custom fields straight from the dropdown menu for any fields that are specific to your event. This article explains how to create custom fields in zkipster in more detail.

A green check mark will indicate that the fields have been matched. You are also able to 'Skip a Column' via the dropdown menu if you decide that you don't want to upload this specific information after all.

Click 'Continue' once all fields had been matched and the green check mark has appeared next to them:

Pro Tip: Familiarize yourself with zkipster's default fields ahead of time in the 'Guest Fields' tab located on the left-hand menu inside your event. Follow the same naming convention with the columns of your spreadsheet in order to speed up your guest list upload process

Uploading Guest List Using CC Function

If you want to use the CC function and would like to fill the 'Secondary Email' guest field automatically, you would need to add this column on your spreadsheet, otherwise, you can open each guest profile and enter the secondary email.

Uploading Guest List Using Relationships

If you are using the Relationship feature to associate guests inside your event, make sure to provide an External ID and Relationship to connect guests. For guest lists without a relationship, you can skip those fields.

You can learn more about the feature and how to create a relationship in your excel file in the article here.

Uploading Guest List Using Seating

It is possible to seat your guests automatically via the spreadsheet import, but it is important that you follow the correct column headers convention for this to work properly. Please refer to this article here in order to learn more about how to seat guests automatically.

Once your floorplan is ready and your spreadsheet is correctly formatted, on the matching screen you will need to match both Table Name and Seat Label or Table Label and Seat Label:

Assigning Guest Status (Professional & Enterprise Users)

After choosing 'Continue' in the matching screen, Professional and Enterprise users will be prompt to assign a Guest Status to all guests who have not been assigned one in the spreadsheet. The pop-up window will ask you to assign your guests either as 'Confirmed' or 'Unconfirmed' status:

  • Unconfirmed - Allows you to track guest attendance when planning on sending
    online invitations with zkipster

  • Confirmed - Guests who have already confirmed their attendance to you outside of zkipster

If you are planning to use the invitation feature to track RSVPs, chose to import your guests as Unconfirmed.

Please note: By making your selection via the pop-up window, the system will automatically apply the chosen status (i.e. Confirmed or Unconfirmed) to ALL guests on your guest list. If you already know the Guest Status of all or some of your guests prior to importing your list, it is recommended that you indicate this on your spreadsheet accordingly with an additional 'Guest Status' column. Assign each individual guest one of the following statuses:

  • Unconfirmed

  • Confirmed

  • Declined

You can see an overview of the number of Total Guests, Unconfirmed, Confirmed and Declined guests on the main page of the 'Guests' section on your browser.

Asynchronous Guest List Uploader

As mentioned above, zkipster has a cap of 10,000 guests per event as this is the limit we can guarantee flawless performance and a quality experience.

zkipster uses an asynchronous guest list importer for large guest list uploads, which gets triggered at the 2,000 guests mark for a more stable import and better user experience.

When a list with 2,000+ names gets uploaded, the system will internally break it down into smaller chunks, add it to a queue and import each bit one after the other. A pop-up notifies you when an asynchronous import is underway and informs you about the progress:

You would additionally be able to follow the progress of the import via the 'View Progress' button in the notification alert bar at top of your screen:

Once an asynchronous import is underway, another file import cannot be initiated until it has been completed. However, you would be able to still add guests individually.
zkipster will notify you via email if successful or failed to upload. If successful, all imported guests will automatically appear inside your guest list.

Please note: As a general guideline, we do not recommend exceeding the threshold of 5,000 guests within one single event. For guest lists with 2,000+ guests, please refer to this article here for best practices and tips.

To navigate through zkipster's Guest List Dashboard, please check the article here.

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