Once your zkipster invitation has been sent, you will be able to see and trace all of the delivery and RSVP statistics via the email and form reporting pages.

Watch our tutorial video for a quick overview:

How to get to the Invitation Reporting Pages

From the Invitations Overview page, simply click into your sent invitation. This will take you straight to the Reporting screen. You can alternatively hover over the 'Reports' icon for a quick snippet of email and form statistics:

Email Reporting

The email reporting page will you show your delivery and bounce statistics for the invitation email you have sent:

To quickly explain this breakdown in a bit more detail:

  • Delivered means the email has been successfully delivered to the recipient's email server. Note that this does not mean that the recipient necessarily got the email, it just means that the server accepted the email.

  • Opened are emails that have been successfully delivered to the recipient’s mailbox and have been displayed to the end user at least once. Opens are dependent on ‘read receipt’ permissions. If this is not permitted, you will not see this status as ‘Opened’. 

  • Clicked means the guest clicked in any link contained in the email

  • Soft bounces will not need any immediate action. The email simply could not be delivered at first attempt and will be retried again. It will either become ‘Delivered’ or a ‘Hard bounce’.

  • Hard bounces need action taken. A triangle icon will pop up next to the Hard Bounce status to indicate either a code or a message as to why the email could not be delivered. Filter by your bounced emails, and hover over the warning triangle to see the reason behind each bounce. This article will go over all the reasons a bounce can happen and also what actions to take. 

It is very easy to update any missing or bounced emails for guests by clicking on their specific entry. This will open up their guest profile where the email can be updated. Click on 'Save' or simply hit Enter to save your changes and be brought right back to the Email Reporting page. This article has more details on updating and resending emails from this section as well.

You can also export this report information (Latest Activity, First Name, Last Name, Email, Status, Reason) as an excel or CSV file by selecting either all or only specific guests and clicking ‘Export’ on the Action drop down:

Form Reporting

Your form reporting page of Confirms and Declines is also available to you - once you are on the email reporting page, switch the toggle at the top right from ‘Email’ reporting to ‘Form’ reporting:

The visual form report will display all of the Confirmed and Declined submissions for this specific form. You can use the filter drop down to filter by RSVP status, and the search bar to search for a specific guest.

You can export your form report just like you are able to do with your email report. In Addition, you can also resend your Confirmation and Decline emails:

Zoom Registration Report

If your event is a virtual Zoom event, in addition to the registration in zkipster, you can track if guests were successfully registered in Zoom and received a confirmation email with their unique join links.

Please note: Guests who are registered in zkipster but not in Zoom will not receive a confirmation email.

Learn how to troubleshoot unsuccessful Zoom registrations in this article.

The overall RVSP status overview for all guest lists can additionally be found in the Guest Lists view when you click back into your Guests tab on the left hand side of the browser:

RSVP Reporting on the Account Level

You can also pull an Invitation Email and Form report for all or only a specific number of selected events on your account. Find out how to do this in this article here.

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