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How to Format your Spreadsheet

Learn how to format your guest list file and avoid common errors

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Tips to avoid errors when importing from an Excel file:

1. The first row of your excel file must contain column headers for your guest fields.

2. To be more efficient, add any 'Custom Field' like Dietary Requirements, to your excel file before importing your guest list. Then, follow these steps to format your custom fields in zkipster.

Pro Tip: Create all custom fields in zkipster before importing the list and give those fields the same header name as what you have in your excel sheet. After importing the list fields, the same label will match automatically. To create custom fields on account level, follow the steps in this article

3. Remove all hidden columns, formulas or different formatting on your excel file as it will cause the file to not upload properly.

4. Upload one sheet at a time. Multiple sheets can not be uploaded at once.

5. Only one email is allowed for each guest. Please ensure there are no symbols or commas that are not part of the email.

6. Total Guests and guests First or Last Name are the only required fields in zkipster. All other fields are optional.

7. Have you received an error message indicating there are over 100 columns on your sheet? Copy and paste the cells with data into a clean excel file and import this as a new list.

If you are using the CC function and would like to fill the 'Secondary Email' guest field automatically, you would need to add this column on your spreadsheet, otherwise, you can open each guest profile and enter the secondary email.

If you are using the ‘Relationships’ feature for your event. Add the 'External ID' field and the 'Relationships' field. These fields are required to relate your guests when you upload your spreadsheet:

Please note that ‘Relationships’ is used to relate guests to each other and does not count as an additional guest. You can learn more about our ‘Relationships’ feature here.

Please note zkipster has a cap of 10,000 guests per event as this is the limit we can guarantee flawless performance and a quality experience. This limit applies to Main Guests only and is the total across any guest lists inside one event (not including +1s). Adding your guests to various sessions will count towards the 10k guest limit for guaranteed best performance on the app.

Important: If you want to send guests SMS/WhatsApp messages you will need to include the phone number under the 'Phone Number' column. If you want to use the 'Check-In Message' feature you will need to include the phone numbers under the 'Check-in Message Text' column.

For events with 2,000+ guests, please additionally refer to our article on how to manage large guest lists in zkipster.

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