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How to View your SMS and WhatsApp Message Deliverability Report
How to View your SMS and WhatsApp Message Deliverability Report
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Once you have created and sent your SMS and/or WhatsApp campaign using zkipster's Communications feature, available on the Professional and Enterprise plan levels, you can view and export your deliverability report via the 'Summary' page of your sent campaign:

If your campaign included an email, by default that's the first report you will see, but from the top right of the Email report screen you can navigate through the different reports of your campaign. Click on the 'SMS/WhatsApp' link to open the report.

The graph shows a summary of the report, but from the bottom of the screen users can view the status for each individual recipient.

Currently, the statuses are:

  • Pending Validation: for security reasons, every zkipster account sending SMS/WhatsApp messages for the first time requires validation from the zkipster team. This is a one time step only.

  • Waiting: depending on the amount of campaigns being sent at the same time, zkipster will put the send out on hold until ready to be processed.

  • Processing: the send out of the campaign is being processed by zkipster - depending on the amount of recipients and how many credits you have available in your account, this might take a few minutes to be completed.

  • Sent: the messages were sent from zkipster to Twilio (zkipster's underlying SMS/WhatsApp service).

    • This status will also be displayed if the WhatsApp consent message has not been acknowledged by the recipient. Please read more about this here.

  • Delivered: the messages were marked as Delivered by Twilio.

  • Error: the messages could not be Processed or Delivered.

Error Status

Hovering the mouse on top of the error status will display the error message.

​Please note: some error messages will only be displayed as a string of numbers. This is the error code received by zkipster from Twilio, the SMS/WhatsApp message sending service used by zkipster. Feel free to refer to the table below with the most common error codes or you can also find a complete list of the error via Twilio's documentation.

Most Common Errors:




Not enough credits


There are not enough credits in your account to send the message. Click here to learn how to purchase more credits.

Did not consent to receive messages


Recipient replied 'No' to zkipster's consent request in WhatsApp. Click here to learn more about WhatsApp Consent Requirements.



Message cannot be sent with current parameters. Click here to learn more.



Message failed to be delivered due to the recipient being unavailable or unreachable. Click here to learn more.



The recipient's number you are trying to reach is unknown and may no longer exist. Click here to learn more.



Carrier Violation. Click here to learn more.



Generic error from Twilio when the carrier of the recipient's number does not return a reason why the message could not be delivered. Click here to learn more.



Content size exceeds the limit imposed by the recipient's number carrier. Click here to learn more.

131053 - Media Upload Error


Attachment failed to upload. Click here to learn more.

131026 - Receiver is incapable of receiving this message


Issue on the recipient's side prevented the message from being delivered. Click here to learn more.

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