Review Page: An in-depth guide

In-depth guide to the review page in zkipster's campaign setup, covering last checks and configurations.

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Before sending your Campaign, the 'Review' page will be the last step to follow. You will be able to double-check, amend or configure the corresponding settings that require any attention in order to send your email successfully.

The 'Review' page shows the settings of all your campaign's part, such as Message (Email and/or SMS/WhatsApp), Form (if it was included) and the 'Confirm Email'/'Decline Email' sections. In all cases, different settings need to be configured in order for you to be able to send your campaign. If a required settings is not configured, the 'Send' button is not available.

Configuring the Required Settings

If any of the required settings are left blank or are incorrectly set up, a red cross and a "Not Specified" message will appear on the left side of the section. To modify or add information, select the 'Pencil Edit' icon, enter the new information and click on 'Save Changes'.

Once complete, the section will display a green checkmark to indicate readiness.

Pro Tip: All sections have an 'Edit' button that will take you to the main page of the section where you can make changes.

Save and Close Button

The 'Save and Close' button will always be active to help you save any changes you make in case you need to continue configuring later or if you are not ready to send the invitation yet. You can find the option by scrolling down the page. Once you select it, the 'Review' page will close, and your changes will be saved for later use.

Keep in mind if there are settings that need to be configured, the 'Save and Close' button will be the only option available.

'Send' and 'Schedule Send' options

After configuring all settings, you will be able to send it by clicking on the 'Send' option. Keep in mind that the 'Send' option will only become available after you acknowledge the message displayed as the last option in the 'Review' section. Once you have done that, the button will be enabled and you can proceed to send your campaign.

Schedule Send Option: With zkipster, you can schedule the perfect time to send your campaign to your guests by selecting the 'Schedule Send' option. Set up the Date and the Time and then click on the 'Schedule' button. A new message will appear, showing your schedule time.

Use the 'Pencil Icon' to modify the Date/Time or the 'Cancel Schedule' button to cancel.

Send Now Option: Use the 'Send Now' option to send your Campaign right away. Keep in mind that once you click the button, the Campaign and all its components will become unavailable for any change, instead a new page will appear showing a report of your Communication.

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