Once a guest list is imported into zkipster, you can manage it through the guest list dashboard. A few examples are:

  • Customize the order and display of the guest fields

  • Switch between different guest lists

  • Filter guests by their RSVP status or by session

  • Perform actions for one or multiple guests

Watch our tutorial video for a quick overview:

How to View the Guest Fields

You can choose which guest fields that you would like to display and in what order by clicking on the three-bar icon on the top left of your guest list.

  • To reorder the guest fields, drag and drop each guest field to move it up or down

  • To show or hide a guest field, tick or untick the box next to it

Please Note: the changes you make here only apply to the browser version of zkipster. To adjust the guest fields for the app version, please refer to this article.

On top of the default and custom guest fields, users can also add the below columns to the guest list view:

  • Last Activity

  • Changed by

  • Creation Source

  • Covid Cert Status (applies for EU region users)

  • Attachments

By sorting through these fields, users can easily see any status change from their last logged-in activity in zkipster, check how guests were added to the guest list, view the user that last updated a guest record, see guests that have attachments or if view if the guest is related to other guests part of the same event.

How to View the Different Guest List and All Guests

In the guests view drop-down menu, you can switch between the different guest lists or see guests altogether.

Filter by Session

From the session menu, you can filter your guest list by session and see all guests who have registered for the specific session. To learn more on how to create and manage event sessions with zkipster, refer to the following articles.

Filter by Guest Status

From the filter menu, you can filter guests by status. If you are using invitations, you can see all unconfirmed guests for your event. You can then send reminder email to follow up with them about your event invitation.

How to Use the Action Dropdown Menu

The Action Dropdown menu gives you the option to make changes to your guest list by selecting one or multiple guests at once. Based on your subscription plan, you can:

  • Make edits to guest fields for one or multiple guests in your guest list. Learn how to make guest changes in bulk in the article here.

  • Manually change the status of your guests, for example from Confirmed to Unconfirmed, and move guests from one list to another.

  • Move your guest(s) from one Guest List to another.

  • Source pictures and add/remove pictures to a Facesheet. Learn more about Guest's pictures, here.

  • Add Relationship between guests. More on how relationships work and how to manage associate guests, in the article here.

  • Send and resend invitations to guests. Learn more on how to resend invitations with zkipster in this article.

  • Download the Consent Forms if you have enabled the feature for your event.

  • Export your guest list and guests' information. For more information on exporting event and guest list reports, refer to this article.

  • Delete guests entirely from the event.

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