To account for your Main Guests and any +1s they might bring, create a column on the guest list excel for 'Total Guests' (i.e. Main Guests and their +1s)

Please note: ‘Total Guests’ is not the number of additional guests coming with the main guest, it is the total number of guests including the Main Guest.

How to account for Additional/ +1 guests on the Excel file

To ensure an accurate guest count the Total Guests logic is as follows:

No RSVP =  0 Total Guests
(This is to account for anyone not expected to come and won't count them toward total guest count. Choose NO RSVP after importing when it asks you to assign a default value. Please note: a Total Guests value of '0' is only applicable to non-Invitations events that have no Guest Status. For events with the Invitations feature toggled ON, the Total Guests ‘0’ value is not supported and will be automatically adjusted to Total Guests ‘1’)

Main Guest Only  =   1 Total Guests
Main Guest + 1  =      2 Total Guests
Main Guest + 2 =      3 Total Guests

These numbers are what should be placed in the 'Total Guests' column on the excel spreadsheet for each guest. It should look like the below example:

Adding +1s' names

If you know the names of your main guests' +1s and want to add this information to the main guest profile, zkipster recommends adding a custom guest field for the additional guests' names on the excel file.

This way, when you upload your guest list, zkipster will prompt you to create a custom guest field to match with the spreadsheet column. After matching the fields, the additional names will be upload together with the main guest details, so that check-in teams have that information readily available when checking in guests and their +1s.

If you want to add the +1s' names after you have uploaded a guest list, you can create a Custom Guest Field for the additional guest name and populate it manually via the main guest profile.

If you want your main guests to provide you with the name of their +1s, you can create a Custom Guest Field and use it as a Response Field on your Response Form. This way, your guests can populate that field themselves once they submit their RSVP. Set up the field as 'required' to ensure your main guests insert the +1s' names before submitting the form.

If you are using the ‘Relationships’ feature for your event. Add the 'External ID' field and the 'Relationships' field. These fields are required to relate your guests when you upload your spreadsheet:

Please note that ‘Relationships’ is used to relate guests to each other and does not count as an additional guest. You can learn more about our ‘Relationships’ feature here.

Please note: we have a cap of 10,000 guests per event as this is the limit we can guarantee flawless performance and a quality experience of zkipster. This limit applies to Main Guests only and is the total across any guest lists inside one event (not including +1s). Adding your guests to various sessions will count towards the 10k guest limit for guaranteed best performance on the app.

For events with 2,000+ guests, please additionally refer to our article on how to manage large guest lists in zkipster.

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