Printing Your Seating Chart
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On the right side of the 'Overview & Printing' screen inside your floor plan, you can choose what you wish to view on the floor plan, as well as what you wish to see when you click on 'Create PDF' at the bottom.

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Watch our tutorial video for a quick overview:

Find step-by-step information in the sections below.

What can be Displayed on the Seating Chart?

The available display options include:

  • Table label

  • Table name

  • Seat number

  • Guest names

  • Background image

  • Relationships

You can also display seating colors or custom color fields activated and you can filter by a display of these different options.
At the top right corner will be a legend for your custom color fields and what they mean for different guests on your floorplan.

PDF Seating Chart Options Available

1. Full overview - the full table plan printed on one page

This PDF is created via the "Create PDF" button. When you click on Create PDF you will be given the option to select:

  • The paper size

  • The orientation

  • Whether to include headers & footers

2. Individual table - individual tables laid out on different pages with guests around the tables or listed next to the tables (shown below)

When printing individual tables whether with guest names displayed in a list or on the seat, you can select the following:

  • The selected tables you wish to print

  • Seating colors or custom color fields

  • Paper size

  • Orientation

  • Whether to include headers & footers

  • Whether to include empty seats

3. Guest list view only - a summary of all the guests, their tables and seats, in alphabetical order (shown below)

When printing the seating as a guest list view, you can select the following:

  • Sort by first or last name

  • Whether to include the seat number

  • Whether to include +1's

  • Paper size

  • Orientation

  • Whether to include headers & footer

Pro Tip: if you are using the Relationships feature, you can build your seating map taking into consideration the relationships your guests have in your event. For more information on how to use the Relationships feature when seating your guests, please click here.

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