What is a QR Code?

QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes recognizable by their square shape and black and white checkered pixel patterns. QR stands for Quick Response, which refers to the instant access to the information (i.e. the code value) that is contained in the QR code.

Scanning the QR code on your mobile device will automatically access the encoded information - in zkipster's case, you can scan these codes on the app to instantly bring up your guests' profiles to check them in at your event without the need to manually type in their name into the search bar. Find out more about QR code scanning with the zkipster app here!

Adding a QR Code to your Email

You will see a 'QR Code' section on the email composer for any type of email you are in the process of designing in zkipster.

Please note: The QR code feature is automatically switched on for Confirmation Emails, which are being sent to any guests confirming their attendance through the response form. (If you do not want to include a QR code in your Confirmation Email, simply switch this feature off in the QR code tab).

Confirmation Emails are probably best suited for issuing QR codes for your event (when using them for guest check-in).

However, you can also add a QR code to any other type of email you are sending through zkipster. For this, simply switch the feature toggle from 'OFF' to 'ON' inside the QR Code tab on the Email Builder:

Formatting the QR Code on your Email

Once you have added the QR code to your email body and are happy with the position of it (find out how to move the code to a different position on your invitation here) you are able to define both the alignment as well as the size of it via the dropdown options:

Configure Your QR Code Options

Next you will need to define the information that is going to be encoded in your QR Code, i.e. the code value. In the QR Code Value dropdown below, there are three options to choose from:

  • Check-in ID
  • Guest Details (vCard)
  • Advanced

Check-in ID

Check-in ID is used for instantly checking in guests by scanning their assigned QR codes. There are two ways to configure the QR code used for check in:

1. zkipster ID

This is the recommended option if you want to use QR codes for guest check-in at your event. The zkipster ID is a secure, auto-generated ID uniquely identifying each of your Main Guests. Scanning the QR code carrying this value through the zkipster app  will instantly bring up the corresponding guest's profile on the device. 

2. Custom ID
The Custom ID allows you to specify your own custom code values. You have the ability to pull through guest information through the dynamic tags from the dropdown to define this value:

Please Note: The Custom ID QR code value for check-in purposes has to be unique to each guest in order for you to be able to check them in on the app.

Guest Details (vCard)

In addition to the Check-in ID, you can use a vCard to check guests in as well. The vCard QR code also serves as a digital business card that enables guests to easily exchange contact details at your events by scanning this QR code using their phones. 

You can the configure the vCard QR code by incorporating guest information stored in any guest fields.

Please Note: Similar to the Custom ID for check-in, the vCard QR code value also has to be unique to each guest if you use it to check in guests.


The Advanced option should only be used if you have a good understanding of how to work with QR codes! If you are only planning on using QR codes for guest check-in purposes at your event, zkipster strongly recommends to select the other QR code options instead.

The advanced option gives you complete flexibility to configure the QR code. You can include any dynamic guest tags from the dropdown to define this value:

The Advanced QR code option also allows you to generate QR codes that would be used for purposes other than check-in, especially when you would like to embed it with information or a link for your guests to scan (such as a link to an external website, event landing page, or similar). In this case, the information you want to encode can simply be entered in the text box provided and does not need to be uniquely identifiable.

With the health safety measures in mind, you can use the Advanced QR code option to encode a registration form and request additional information from guests at the time of check-in. Upon scanning the QR code, guests will be prompt to fill out the form with the requested information before entering the event. Learn more about how to run Covid safe event with zkipster's features.

Please Note: if you want to use the Advanced QR code for check-in purposes, the code value you create also has to be unique to each guest in order for you to be able to check them in on the app.

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