If a zkipster user has left your event team, they can very easily deleted from your account. This process not only enables you to make room for a new user, it also keeps your Team Members Management screen tidy and up to date.

Please note: Team members can only be deleted through the Account Settings, which are only accessible for the Account Owner of the zkipster account (and any Administrator users on the Enterprise level).

Number of Team Members Available in zkipsterĀ 

Please be aware that the total number of team members within your account will depend on the event or plan purchased:

  • Single Event plans and Basic Monthly/ Annual subscriptions - 5 Team Members
  • Professional Monthly/ Annual subscriptions - 10 Team Members
  • Enterprise plans - 25+ team members
  • Trial accounts do not allow for any adding additional team members.
    However, once an event is purchased these options will become available

Team Members Management Screen

The team members of your zkipster account will appear in the Team Members section of the Account Settings.

Here, you can view the last time a user logged in, reset their password, and whether MFA (Multi-factor authentication) has been enabled:

On Pay-per-Event accounts as well as Basic and Professional subscriptions, only the Account Owner has access to the Account Settings and the power to add and delete team members. Only one Account Owner exists per zkipster account. This role cannot be deleted and can also not be edited by other users.

On the Enterprise level, Administrator users also have Team Members Management privileges. Find out more about the different user roles in zkipster here.

How to Delete a Team Member from your Account

You can delete a zkipster user in two different ways:

a) via the Team Members Management Screen
b) via their Team Member Profile

Please find both options explained in more details below.

a) Deletion via the Team Members Management Screen

To delete a user on your zkipster account,

  1. Click on Account Settings on the top right of your browser screen
  2. Click on the Team Members tab
  3. Tick the checkbox of the team member(s) you want to delete
  4. Click on the Action dropdown at the top of the team members list
  5. Select 'Delete' from the Action dropdown

Confirm that you would like to delete the user selected by ticking the two checkboxes in the pop-up window:

Click 'Yes, Delete' to confirm this action or 'Cancel' to go back to the Team Members Management screen. Please note user deletion is permanent and cannot be reversed.

b) Deletion via the Team Member Profile

You are also able to delete a team member by clicking into their user profile and selecting 'Delete Team Member' at the top of the screen:

You will be presented with the same pop-up window asking you to confirm your selection.

If you want to add another team member in the deleted user's place, find how to go about this in this article here.

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