How to Manage your Response Fields

Learn how to set up the response fields on your form - customize their design, give them a description and make them locked or required

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The Response Fields section of your form allows you to gather for further details from your attendees when they are RSVPing to your event, such as dietary requirements, names of their +1s, etc. You can also use the Response Fields to request documents from your guests, such as an Event Waiver or ID.

Please watch the quick tutorial video here:

You can find the Response Fields tab inside the Form Builder on the left:

Please note that the entire tab/ section (as well as each individual response field, explained further below) is movable and can be dragged and dropped into the desired location on your response form:

Customizing the Design of the Response Fields

Clicking into the Response Fields tab does not only reveal each guest field, it further gives you the ability to customize the look of your fields via the Design option at the very top of the section:

From the Design section you are able to amend the Font, Style, Size, Font Color and Alignment of both your Field Labels as well as Field Descriptions:

Pro Tip: You are able to upload your own custom fonts on zkipster's Enterprise plan. Find out more about this here!

Configuring the Response Fields

Clicking into one of your fields will open up an array of options to set it up even further:

Response Field Activation

Switch the toggle to ON to activate the field on your form, or set it to OFF in order to hide it.

How to ask guests to submit attachments

Toggle the ‘Guest Picture’ and/or ‘Attachments’ response fields ON in order to allow your guests to submit their pictures or another document your event might require.

Please note that ‘Attachments’ have a 5MB limit per document and only accepts .pdf, .png, and .jpg/jpeg file extensions, while ‘Guest Pictures’ have a 5MB limit and only accepts .gif, .png, and .jpg/jpeg file extensions.

How to account for your Main Guest's +1s

Toggle the 'Total Guests' response field to ON. The drop down menu will give your guests the option to RSVP for themselves and any +1s you have allotted them. This article explains exactly how to assign +1s for each of your guests when you import your guest list.

Display Name

Give your response field a Display Name - this means that, while internally in zkipster the field is called 'Total Guests', you can rephrase the wording of it specifically for your form to give your guests more clarity, i.e. name it 'Party Size' instead.

Pro Tip: You can make use of the Display Name to set up your response form in a different language altogether! For example, the First Name default field can very easily be changed to the French equivalent 'Prénom' instead:

Description Text

Add a short description to provide your guests with more context in relation to a specific field. This additional text will sit right below your field's Display Name on the form:

'Locked' Toggle

Switch on this toggle to lock any response field that you do not want your guest to be able to change. zkipster highly recommends locking the response fields for First and Last Name to prevent any third person (that has been forwarded your event invitation via email) from potentially overwriting your original guest's name inside the zkipster system:

'Required' Toggle

Switching on the Required toggle makes the field mandatory and your guests will not be able to submit their response without it:

'Conditional Visibility' Toggle

Turn on Conditional Visibility to transform your response fields into dynamic fields to make them only show up if certain response criteria from a previous field have been met. Learn more here!

Reordering the Response Fields on the Form

You can change the order of your form response fields as you see fit. Simply hold down the box icon to the left of the fields with your mouse and drag them into the desired location:

Creating New and Editing Existing Response Fields 

You can create new custom guest fields for your response form at any point, directly through the 'Add Custom Field option' at the bottom of your Response Fields section:

Alternatively, create a new custom field or edit the response options of an existing field via the 'Guest Fields' tab on the left hand side of your browser:

Find out more about custom guest fields here.

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