With zkipster's event duplication function, you can fully duplicate a previously created event. Guest lists, invitations, and seating plans can be copied from a past event into a new one.

Note: Only Account Owners, Administrators, and Event Host roles can duplicate events.

How to Duplicate an Event

To duplicate an event, use the two-square icon on the right of the event. In the pop-up window, select which item(s) of the original event you would like to transfer into the new event.

Based on your event and current zkipster plan, this can be:

  • Guest Lists: you can select which specific lists to copy into the new event

  • Guest Covid Certificate Data: select if you need to copy the certificate for duplicated guests

  • Invitations: new form links will be created for the duplicate event

  • Seating Plan: new share-a-table links will be created for the duplicate event

  • Team Members: team notifications settings for invites will be copied

  • Sessions: guests' assignments to sessions will be copied

  • Name Badges: badge configuration will be copied

  • Consent Form: consent form will be copied

  • Zoom Meetings/ Webinars: see the section below going over duplicating virtual events

The duplication process can take several minutes, depending on the amount of data to be copied over from the original event. You will receive an email notification once the duplication process is complete.

Please Note: The original event and duplication function will be unavailable while the duplication is ongoing. This will also temporarily prevent access to forms and app sync actions for the original event.

Duplicated events are always created with the original event date. Once duplicated, you can update the event dates from the Event Settings section.

All guests will copy into the new event as Unconfirmed guests, reflecting the original event's 'Total Guests' number.

Duplicating Virtual Events

If you are duplicating a virtual event with a Zoom meeting or webinar, make sure to select 'Recreate Zoom Meeting/Webinar' so that a new meeting or webinar gets generated inside your connected Zoom account for the copied event. Any previous URLs (associated with the original event) will not be valid for the new event.

When the 'Recreate Zoom Meeting/Webinar' has been selected:

  • Webinar settings of the original event will be copied over to the duplicated event.

  • Existing Zoom tags and event calendars (in the email and form) will point to the new event URLs

  • If you are working with the Sessions feature, guests will remain assigned to any session/s they are part of but any existing unique URLs will not be valid in the new event

  • Guests will have to register for the new event or session to receive a unique participant URL

If you are working with Zoom, we recommend selecting 'Recreate Zoom Meeting/Webinar' when you duplicate virtual events.

When the ‘Recreate Zoom Meeting/Webinar’ is NOT selected, the original event Zoom webinar or meeting URL will be reused in the new event. Still, all Zoom registration functions will be disabled. The Zoom link will be available under 'Other' virtual formats - usually used for streaming platforms different from Zoom.

  • Auto-register in Zoom will be disabled

  • Attendance tracking for Zoom webinars will be disabled

  • Zoom Troubleshooting tools will be disabled

  • Zoom Tags will be empty

  • Session assignments will remain but without Zoom unique URL

  • Calendars will point to the original event and session(s) link

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