The Email Setup is the first tab you will see inside your Email Builder. This is the place where you define your sender and reply to emails and select which guests or guest lists you online invitation should go to. 

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Where do I find the Email Setup?

The Email Setup tab will open up automatically when you initially create your invitation, but you can go back into by clicking on the 'Email Setup' tab at any point in the designing processing before sending out the email in case you need to make any adjustments.

Sections inside the Email Setup

Internal Name

The internal name is how your invitations will be titled and organized inside the zkipster system for you and your event team. Make sure to use internal names that give a clear indication about their different purposes ('1st Test', 'Final', etc., especially when copying your emails). Please note that zkipster will give your invitations an internal name ('Draft 1', 'Draft 2', and so on) by default.

Email Subject Line

The subject line of your email will most likely be the first thing a guest sees so make sure it is compelling to encourage your guests to open your invitation! Please find some tips below to potentially help with this:

  • Mention the date of the event
  • Indicate the type of event: Dinner, Brunch, Gala, Fundraising etc.
  • Mention that the invitation is personal to the guest

Please note though that very short, or very long, subject lines might increase the likelihood of your email falling into spam.

Preview Text

You can add a preview text line to the Email Setup. This line of text does not display on the email itself, but is added to it at the very beginning so that email clients (such as Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.) display it right after the subject line, when looking at the email lists inside your inbox.

Most mobile device email clients also show this line as a preview of the email before opening it.

From Name

This is the second item a guest will see below the subject line. This can be your name, the sponsor of the event, or anything informing as who is sending the invitation.

Reply to Email

This is the email that will receive any direct replies or questions. If a guest were to click 'Reply' to the invitation instead of the RSVP button to confirm their attendance, this is the email address those replies would be sent to.

Sender Email

This is the email address your email will be sent from. By default, this will be In order to send it from your own address you must verify it first, which is a process called 'whitelabeling'. This is an important step to set up before sending out any invitations with zkipster. This article goes over why whitelabeling your domain and email addresses is important and how you can set this up on your account. Verifying your own email will also enhance the deliverability of your online invitations and prevent them falling into your guests' spam folders.

Send To

Here you are able to select the guest list(s) or individual guest(s) your invitation should go to. You can send your invitation to as many guest lists or as many individual guests as needed.

When sending to individuals, select the individual guest option from the drop down menu and start typing in the guest name. They will only auto-populate if they are already in one of the guest lists you have imported into your event in zkipster.

Filtered Guest Lists

Initially, your first RSVP invitation will most likely be required to be sent to your entire guest list or multiple guest lists.

Once your guests' RSVPs start to come in there may be a need to send follow-up emails to different filtered statuses of your guest list(s). For example:

  • Send a Reminder/Follow up email to all your unconfirmed guests to urge them to RSVP. However, please note that, if you merely want to resend the original RSVP invitation to any unconfirmed guests, this can also be done from the guest list screen's 'Resend Invitation' function.
  • Send a Reminder/Follow up email to all confirmed guests a couple of days before the event.
  • Send a Thank You email to all checked-in guests following your event. All pay-as-you-go events have 72 hours to access the event features and send out emails after the event has ended.

Turning off the zkipster Watermark

Right at bottom of your Email Setup you will find a toggle which enables you to switch off the zkipster watermark if you prefer leaving it off your invitation email:

Please note that the watermark cannot be removed on Test Drive and Partner accounts.

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