Q: Can I purchase a single event?

A: zkipster does not have a pay per event pricing. There are currently monthly and annual subscription options available at the Essentials and Professional level, and annual at the Enterprise level. These options allow you to create unlimited events within the period of your subscription.

If you are looking to use the platform for just one event, we suggest one of the monthly plans available. You can find more information about it on our Pricing Page: www.zkipster.com/pricing/

Q: Can I subscribe just for one month?

A: Absolutely! You can purchase a zkipster subscription for just one month on the Essentials or Professional plan levels - the Enterprise plan is only available on an Annual basis. Please note that our Monthly plans have an auto renewal function enabled by default, so if you want to use zkipster for just one month we recommend that you cancel your subscription before the renewal date to avoid future charges.

You can cancel your subscription from the 'Plans & Billing' page in your Account Settings. Just click on the ‘Manage Subscription’ section and then click ‘Cancel subscription’ on the pop-up window.

On the next screen, choose the reason for cancellation and click ‘Confirm Cancellation’:

Q: What are the payment methods accepted?

A: Monthly plans can only be purchased via Credit Card.

Our Essentials Annual and Professional Annual plans can be purchased using Credit Card as well as via Wire Transfer.

The Enterprise plan can only be purchased via invoice and Wire Transfer.

Q: We are a tax exempt company, how can I purchase a plan?

A: If your organization is tax exempt, you can submit a proof of the tax exempt status of your company to support@zkipster.com. Once our Client Relations team have received the documents, they will be reviewed and our team will provide you an update. If successful, you will be prompted to proceed with your purchase.

Q: Can I add a Purchase Order number to my invoice?

A: Yes, you can include a Purchase Order number to your invoice by accessing the 'Plans & Billing section of your account settings and clicking on 'Manage Subscription'. From there, click on the 'PO number' section to add a Purchase Order number to the invoice related to your current subscription.

Q: Can I have a discount as a non-profit organization?

A: Qualified organizations can receive a 15% discount on the Professional Annual and Enterprise subscription plans. You can find more information about it clicking here.

Please note that neither the Essentials nor Professional Monthly plans are eligible for non-profit pricing.

Q: I have used all available custom fields on my event, can I purchase more?

A: All subscription plans allow users to create up to 10 custom fields per event on top of the 10 default fields already available on the system. However, Enterprise users have the opportunity to purchase extra custom fields if needed. If you want to discuss more about our Enterprise plan or how to purchase extra custom fields, please email your request to sales@zkipster.com.

Please note: Make sure to familiarize yourself with our performance recommendations and best practice rules before you start creating any additional custom fields inside of your event to see which potential impact this might have on app and device performance.

Q: Can I sign a Data Processing Agreement with zkipster?

A: Strong data security and privacy are cornerstones of zkipster. You control your data at all times. All plans are GDPR compliant and are protected to our highest standards. You can view more about this via our Privacy Policy and GDPR pages. For Enterprise plans, we are happy to undertake your own custom advanced cyber security reviews and GDPR and DPA assessments. To discuss more about our Enterprise plan and signing a DPA with zkipster, please email sales@zkipster.com.

Q: Does zkipster offer any training or tutorials?

A: Definitely! zkipster has put together an entire Help Center with helpful articles and tutorial videos to help get you started. We also provide on-demand webinar that go over over how to get started with zkipster. You can watch it anytime via this link.

There is also the online chat, which is available to all zkipster accounts located at the bottom right of the screen on both browser and web. Reach out to our Support team if any questions or issues arise.

Custom onboarding and trainings are available on some subscription plans. More on this here.

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