How to Track RSVPs using a Public Form

Learn how to manage and collect guest RSVPs using zkipster's public form

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The Forms in zkipster can be used to gather more information from guests and other necessary details for your event.

Here are some examples where a public form is used:

Please note: The zkipster forms is set as Private by default, and you can choose to turn them Public for your specific event purpose.

Similar to how to add guests to a wait list and how to set up a public form, please follow the steps below on how to manage and track guests' RSVPs:

  1. Create a new guest list via the 'Guests' Tab (this guest list should be separate from your main guest list). And add a different name to specify between each guest list.

  2. Go to the 'Invitations' tab and create a Standalone 'Response Form'.

  3. In the 'Form Settings' section, add an Internal name for the form.

  4. And change the form to 'Public'. Please check this article for more details.

  5. Select the guest list from the 'Add New Guests to Guest List' section.

  6. Select the total number of guests each person can bring if your event allows guests to bring +1's. The number of allowed +1's would apply to every person registering for the event.

  7. Set your form to close automatically when a specific condition is met. Learn more here.

  8. We recommend to leave the 'Allow checked-in guests to submit form' to OFF in the main form. This option is ON by default on Consent Forms, and OFF on response forms.

  9. Hyperlink the public URL of your response form into your email or use zkipster's Form Tags if you will also use zkipster to send the email.

Pro Tip: You can use a Standalone Response Form or a Consent Form to collect your guest RSVP. Please always check your Form Settings before sending your invitations as the default settings when creating a new form closes one week after the event end date.

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