You can define your guest's relationship with other guests that are part of your event via your guest list spreadsheet or via the Guest Profile. This article will show you how to individually define the relationship between guests via their Guest Profile. If you want to learn how to define relationships via your guest list spreadsheet, please refer to this article.

Relating Guests via the Guest Profile

You can define your guest's relationship with another guest at any time, as long as both guests are already part of your event. In order to do so, please follow the steps below:

1 - Open the Guest Profile from one of the related guests and click on the 'Relationships' tab at the top of the page:

This is where you can view any existing relationship your guest has and where you can define new relationships.

2 - Type the name or email address of the guest related to your main guest in the text box. If the guest is not yet included in any of your event's guest lists, you will not be able to create the relationship.

3 - Select the relationship status from the dropdown menu on the right side of the text box, or type a new relationship status, and click on the button 'Add Relationship':

Please note: You are able to define just one relationship status between two guests. If two guests have already a relationship defined in your event, you will not be able to add a second relationship status to the same guests.

Relating Guests via the Guest List view

You can also add guest relationships via the Guest List overview screen. This function comes in specially handy if you want to add relationships in bulk.

1 - Click on the 'Guests' section on the left hand side menu and click on 'All Guests', or open the specific guest list your guest is part of.

2 - Select the guests you want to add the relationship to by ticking the box on the left hand side.

3 - From the 'Action' dropdown menu, click on the 'Add Relationships' option:

4 - From the pop up window, use the 'Guest' text box to type the name of the guest you want to relate to the selected guests and use the 'Relationship' dropdown menu to select or create a relationship status and click on the gold 'Add Relationship' button:

Editing or Removing a Guest Relationship

You can edit or remove an existing guest relationship from your guest's profile. You just need to open the 'Relationships' section in the Guest Profile, select the guest by ticking the box on the left side of the related guest and use the 'Action' dropdown menu to edit or remove that relationship:

You can also click on the circle icon on the right side of the relationship to remove it. A pop window will be displayed asking if you want to remove that relationship. Click on the gold 'Remove' button to remove that relationship:

Pro Tip: You can also add a Guest Relationship directly via the mobile app. You can learn more via this article.

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