The new zkipster to Salesforce app version introduces the option to create new Salesforce contacts from zkipster guests that are not automatically associated to an existing contact. It also introduces the new field mappings for 'Salutation' and 'External ID'.

Creating Contacts from Orphan Guests

This new release allows you to create a new Salesforce contact directly from the zkipster guest screen, as long as the guest has not yet been linked to an existing contact.

Once your zkipster event is synched to your zkipster to Salesforce app, the orphan guest will show up under the 'zkipster Guest' object.

Clicking on the new 'Create Contact' button will allow you to create a new Salesforce contact.

Please note: the new contact you create will not be automatically linked to the zkipster guest. Please check out this article for the necessary steps in order to link the new contact with the zkipster guest.

'Salutation' and 'External ID' fields

The default fields 'Salutation' and 'External ID' are now automatically synced with the guest details.

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