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How to Create New Contacts from Orphan Guests with the zkipster to Salesforce App
How to Create New Contacts from Orphan Guests with the zkipster to Salesforce App

Easily create new contacts for zkipster guests that are not yet in your Salesforce contact list

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The zkipster to Salesforce app (version 1.14) allows you to easily create a new Salesforce contact directly from the zkipster guest screen, in case the guest is not automatically associated to an existing contact.

Creating a New Contact for Orphan Guests

Once your event is synched to your zkipster to Salesforce app, any orphan guests will show up under the 'zkipster Guest' object. You can also use the zkipster reports in Salesforce to identify these guests.
Open the orphan guest details and click on the 'Create Contact' button located on the top right corner of the screen. This will allow you to create a new Salesforce contact.

Pro tip: When filling out the data fields for the new contact, make sure the 'Email' Salesforce field contains the same email address from the respective zkipster guest. This is because the zkipster to Salesforce app uses the 'Email' field to link up guests with contacts, so if the email address is different, the guest will not be associated with the existing contact.

Once the contact is created, sync the event again following the instructions here, in order to link the contact with the zkipster guest.
Alternatively, you can link both by updating the respective guest profile in zkipster and running a sync afterwards.
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