How to Create an Event Reminder

Detailed guide on setting up event reminders via email and SMS/WhatsApp, including tips on effective messaging.

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Sending an event reminder email a few days before your event start date can come in handy when you have guests that confirmed attendance a while back. Reminder emails that are well-crafted ensure that most of your confirmed guests will eventually be there on the day of your event.

Below is a step-by-step process on how to can create a reminder email using zkipster's Communications tool, available on the Professional and Enterprise plans.

From the 'Communications' section, click on the 'Create New Campaign' and select if you want to send the reminder via Email, via SMS/WhatsApp message or both. You also need to include a new Response Form if you want to collect RSVPs via your Reminder campaign:

Once the reminder campaign is created, compose and design your reminder email as usual. You can refer to How to Customize your Email Design for a more detailed instructions.

Once you finish designing your email, you can also add a QR code by going to the Composer tab and clicking on QR Code. To add a QR code, switch the feature toggle from 'OFF' to 'ON.' zkipster will generate a unique QR code for each person who receives the email.

Each guest receives a QR Code linked to their own guest profile so whether they use the QR code you sent on the initial invitation, on the confirmation email or on this reminder email, all will work at the door when the check-in staff scans it.

Please note: if you have already issued your guests a QR Code using a custom value, you need to configure the QR Code of your reminder email to have the same value as the first sent invitation.

To send the reminder email only to a segment of your guest list, click on the Settings tab, scroll down to Send To section and define which guests should receive the email.

You can choose a specific guest list and a specific guest status (for example, you would like to send the reminder email to Confirmed guests only). Do not forget to click Save Changes after.

Pro-tip: You can also schedule the reminder email to be sent at a later date and time of your choosing. You can find more information about scheduling emails here: How to Schedule your Invitation Emails

Best Practices in Sending Reminder Emails

Keep the reminder email brief, catchy, and only include important information to avoid overwhelming your guests. Consider keeping your email mobile-friendly as 81% of all emails are now opened and read on mobile devices.

Some important information you can include are event name, date and time, location, brief introduction of the speakers (if any), and any additional details that may be helpful to your guests such as parking, event rules, notice of filming and photography, etc.

Lastly, keep a polite and inviting tone and address your guests by name. You can use our dynamic tags to personalise your guests experience.

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