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How to Add New Guests Using the vCard Scanner on the zkipster Mobile App
How to Add New Guests Using the vCard Scanner on the zkipster Mobile App
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You can add guests to your guest list just by scanning their vCard using the zkipster mobile app. This can come in handy specially when you have walk-in guests during the actual event.

Pro tip: Only the Event Host, Administrator and Collaborator permission scheme gives the user permission to add new guests to the guest list. You can view a breakdown of the permissions and restrictions of all Permission Schemes here: Permission Schemes Available in zkipster

To add new guests using the vCard scanner on the zkipster mobile app:

  1. Access the event using the zkipster mobile app.

  2. Tap on the 'Add Guest' option at the bottom part of the screen.

  3. Once you tap on the 'Add Guest' option, a pop-up window will open. On the 'Guest List' section, select the guest list where you want to put the guest.

  4. Tap on 'Scan VCard' to open the camera of your device and scan the QR code.

  5. Scanning the vCard will automatically fill-out the guest's first name, last name, phone number (country code must be changed by the user), and organization.

  6. Click on 'More Details' to expand the pop-up window and collect additional information from the guest if needed.

  7. Tap on 'Save' once done to successfully add the guest to your guest list.

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