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Commonly asked questions around zkipster's Sessions feature. Only available on the Professional or Enterprise plan levels.

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Expert Answers to Your Questions About Managing Sessions with zkipster

Q: What is the zkipster Sessions feature?

A: You can use zkipster's ‘Sessions’ feature when your event requires more than one check-in moment, if your event has several breakout sessions or different attendance time slots as part of the schedule.

Q: How can I add guest to the Sessions?

A: There are three different ways to add guest to your Sessions. One is via the RSVP form, in case you want the guest to register themselves to the sessions they want to attend. The other two are via the Guest List view or via the Guest Profile. You can find instructions on how to do this here: How to Manually Assign Guests to a Session

Q: Can I assign guests to Sessions via the guest list spreadsheet?

A: Unfortunately, it is not possible to upload a guest list spreadsheet with pre-assigned sessions. You need to first upload your guests to the event and after that you can assign your guests to a specific session through the Guest List view by using the 'Action' dropdown to add them into their respective sessions or via the 'Sessions' tab inside the individual guest profile.

Q: Can I share session details with guests via SMS/WhatsApp?

A: Unfortunately it is not possible to share sessions details via the Confirm WhatsApp/SMS feature. This is only possible on Confirm Emails.

Q: How can I set the number of sessions a guest allowed to attend?

A: You can set the number of sessions a guest allowed to attend by going to the Campaign > Form > Composer > Response Fields > Sessions > scroll down to Option Limit, then choose from the drop-down menu the maximum number of options your guest can select. Click on the gold 'Save Changes' button at the top right corner of the screen to save the change.

Q: Is there a way to select multiple sessions at once to edit/delete them?

A: Editing and/or deleting Sessions in bulk is not possible at the moment, and this is to minimize the chances of human error. To edit or delete a session, click on the trash can icon or pencil icon from the right side of each individual session to delete/edit them one by one.

Q: Can the guest use the same QR code for all of the sessions they will attend?

A: Yes, your guest can use the same QR Code to be checked-in to multiple sessions, as long as the sessions are part of the same event.

If you are checking in guests to sessions part of different events, instead of creating a QR code for each event, you can send the guest a QR Code with custom value (for example, First Name and Last Name). One important thing to note is you have to make sure that the value is exactly the same data on all events' guest lists, this includes capitalization, spelling, etc. For example, if on event 'A' your guest's name is John Doe, on event 'B' it cannot be John D., it needs to be John Doe.

To do this, on the 'Composer' tab of your Confirm Email or Confirm WhatsApp/SMS, click on the 'QR code' section in emails, or "Attachment" in WhatsApp/SMS and turn the toggle ON to enable a QR Code. From that same section, scroll down to 'QR Code Value' to select the Custom ID and from the dropdown menu choose which data to include on the QR Code.

Confirm Email:

Click on the gold 'Save Changes' button at the top right corner of the screen.

Confirm WhatsApp/SMS:

Q: I would like to set a conditional visibility rule for a response field in my form based on the guest's choice of Session, but I cannot find that option.

A: The Sessions feature is not part of the conditional logic at the moment. We have added this to our list for future improvement on the conditional logic settings.

Q: Is there a way to duplicate the Sessions field on the same form?

A: Currently it is not possible to duplicate the Sessions response field on the same form. As a workaround, you could create multiple forms to send to your guests, or use custom fields to collect interest to attend sessions and then manually assign the guests to the sessions.

Q: We had multiple sessions on our main event and guests checked-in on each session. Can I pull the check-in report per session?

A: It is not possible to pull a report specifically for the sessions, however, you can export a report for your overall event from the account settings which would include a 'Sessions' tab showing your guests' check-in timestamp for each session. To find out more, please check our article on How to View and Export your Event Report & Guest List at the Account Level.

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