User Roles available in zkipster

Administrator (Enterprise accounts only)
The Administrator can access the Account Settings and all features within zkipster. They can create and delete events, manage the billing plan and manage team members. They cannot, however, edit the Account Owner’s user settings.  

Event Host
The Event Host has full unrestricted access to events they create or are part of. In addition to creating new events, they can upgrade an event, make changes to the Event Settings and control who has access to it. They cannot access the Account Settings or delete events.  

The Collaborator can use all features available in the events they are part of. Though they cannot create new events, they can add, edit and delete guests, create and manage guest lists, send out invitations, and build seating charts. This user also cannot add other team members to events, upgrade or delete events, activate features, access Event Settings or access the Guest Fields settings.  

Check in
The Check in user is able to access the event data and can check in guests. They cannot add guests or edit any guest information. Typically, this role is used across multiple devices with one log in for volunteers or day of event people.

The Viewer can view all activity of the events they are part of but are not able to make any changes to an event or check in guests. This user can only view everything from a bird’s eye view. This role is typically reserved for supervisors, hosts or anyone wanting to track the guest count at an event.  

The Executive has read-only access to all event activity, identical to the Viewer user. However, this user additionally has downloading and report access. 

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