zkipster users can create a sharable invitation. The sharable invitation is open to everyone with access to the link shared. Each guest entry will be saved as a new guest on your guest list.

Setting up the Invitation: 

To set up a shareable invitation, use the 'Standalone Email' and 'Responses Form' templates. The standalone email template allows linking the RSVP button to external websites. Using this option, you would connect the RSVP button to the URL of the public form.  Follow these three steps: 

  • Create Standalone Public form
  • Creating a Standalone Invitation
  • Connect the Form and Invitation via the RSVP button

Setting up the Form portion of the invitation: 

  1. Select the standalone form template.
  2. Provide a name for the Form
  3. In the Form Settings, set the Form to Public to generate the public URL (by default all Forms are initially Private).  You would use the URL to connect the email and form sections of the sharable invitation. Find more information on Form Settings in the article here
  4. Assign the total number of guests for each person who will  RSVP and the guest list where guests' entries will save. 
  5. Design the Form. Learn more on how to customize your RSVP form

Setting up the Email invite for the sharable invitation:  

  1. Choose the standalone email template
  2. In the Email Setup, provide the sender, recipient(s), and create a subject line for your email as you usually would. Here you can find more information on how to configure your email setup
  3. Design your invitation as you desire. It is a good idea to note in the invitation that the RSVP is sharable, and guests are welcome to forward the email to their friends or colleagues. 

Connecting the Form and Email: 

The standalone email template allows linking the RSVP button to an external website. 

  1. In the RSVP section toggle, the RSVP button ON. 
  2. In the 'Link Button' portion of the button settings, select 'link to Web Addresses (URL)' option, and paste the URL of the public form you have created. 
  3. Save your changes 
  4. Send your invitation when you are ready

Please note: Email clients may render the HTML code of your email invitation differently, and while your original emails may look fantastic, they may appear irregular in certain email clients like Outlook. If your original email is forwarded to new recipients, there is a chance it may not look exactly as the original email does.

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