• Connected Zoom account. Check this article to learn how to connect your Zoom account to zkipster.
  • Linked Zoom meeting/webinar to your zkipster event. Learn how to link Zoom to an event in this article.

With Zoom's dynamic tags, you can insert event information directly from Zoom into your zkipster email.

The tags will replace the information available in the selected Zoom meeting or webinar and work in the same way as the zkipster tag system. You can find more information about composing invitations and how the dynamic tag work in the article here.

Available Zoom Tags:

  • :zoom_topic - the Zoom meeting title
  • :zoom_start_time - the start date and time of your zoom meeting or webinar
  • :zoom_start_url - the event host join link
  • :zoom_join_url - the attendees' join link
  • :zoom_participant_join_url - registered attendees private join link

Please note: :zoom_participant_join_url, is only available in the 'Confirmation Email' of the invitation when the 'Auto-Register in Zoom' function in the zkipster form is toggled ON. You can learn how to set up auto-registration in the article here.

Pro Tip: You can use the zoom tags as hyperlinks to shorten the URL in the body of the confirmation email:

1. Select the Insert/Edit link logo in the 'Text' section of the confirmation email.

2. Type the name of the tag in place of the URL, we suggest to that you use the :zoom_participant_join_url tag.

3. Change the 'Text to Display' name to your liking and Click OK.

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