FAQs on Zoom Integration

Common questions about zkipster's native integration with Zoom

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Q: Can I connect my zkipster account with multiple Zoom accounts?

You can connect only one Zoom account at a time with zkipster. We recommend creating a Zoom account dedicated to events so that everyone from your team can create events in zkipster while managing their events in Zoom. You can find more information on connecting your zkipster and Zoom account here.

Q: Can I link an existing Zoom event to an event in zkipster?

If you plan to use the auto-registration and guest tracking functions, all Zoom events should be created through zkipster.

If your event does not require registration, via the Event Settings, you can include the URL by choosing "Other" from the dropdown and paste the link to your event.

Q: How can I change the Zoom Event Settings?

Zoom Meetings and Webinars created via zkipster have the following settings:

Zoom Meeting default settings:

  • Require Meeting password

  • Enable waiting room

  • Only authenticated users can join: Sign in to Zoom

  • Allow attendees to join from multiple devices

  • Auto-Acceptance for registrants

  • Confirmation Email OFF

Zoom Webinar default settings:

  • Registration Required

  • Password Required

  • Q&A enabled

  • Do not allow attendees to join from multiple devices

  • Auto-Acceptance for registrants

  • Confirmation Email OFF

Once, you generate the meeting or webinar in zkipster, you can adjust the Event Settings directly in Zoom.

You can find a comprehensive side-by-side comparison of the two different Zoom event types here.

Q: The time or date of my Zoom event has changed. How do I best update this in both zkipster and Zoom?

If your Zoom event time or date has moved and needs to be updated, you can simply amend these details inside the Event Settings of your zkipster event:

As part of the native integration, the new event date you have set in zkipster will automatically sync across and change the date of the corresponding event inside your Zoom account as well.

Please note: By editing the event date in this way, an automatic notification email will get triggered directly from your Zoom account and sent to all guests that have already registered. This currently cannot be disabled if you are changing the date through zkipster.

If you do not want this automatic Zoom notification to be triggered, we recommend doing the following:

1. Log in to your Zoom account and find your event
2. Click 'Edit this Meeting/ Webinar' and amend the date details here first
3. Zoom will prompt you with a pop up to confirm your changes - untick the box that
says 'Notify registrants about changes to this meeting/ webinar' and click 'Yes'

4. Log into your zkipster account and find your event
5. Go to 'Event Settings' > 'Edit Event' and amend the date details there as a second

Doing the change this way around allows you to communicate and announce the new event date to your guests exclusively through zkipster's Communications feature, if guests need to be notified.

Q: I don't want to share the personalised join URLs of my Zoom event until the day of the event. How can I do this with zkipster?

To avoid access to the unique join links until the day of the event, keep the "Add to Calendar' toggle on the Success Page of your response form turned off and compose a friendly Auto Confirmation Email or SMS/ WhatsApp letting your guests know they will receive their join information on event day.

You will only find the ':zoom_participant_join_url' tag on the Zoom dropdown menu of the Auto Confirmation Email or SMS/ WhatsApp text field(s), however, you can still manually include this dynamic Zoom tag in the text of your reminder communications (which will pull the unique URLs through in the same way)!

Once you are ready to share the participant links with your guests, compose a simple email or SMS/ WhatsApp, type or hyperlink ':zoom_participant_join_url' in your email text and proceed to send it out as normal, giving your guests easy and direct access to your Zoom meeting or webinar.

Q: Can I schedule reminders with the personalised join URLs for the day of the event?

Yes, email and SMS/ WhatsApp scheduling is available in zkipster! You can simply prep a reminder email or SMS/ WhatsApp in your Drafts in advance and schedule it to be send it out to all your confirmed guests at a suitable time ahead of the event with the ':zoom_participant_join_url' tag manually added or hyperlinked in the body text.

Q: Where can I find and export the virtual event report?

You can track guest attendance with Zoom Webinars. After the event, you can export the event report from the Report Section inside your event. Just as with a live event, your virtual event report will include the check-in time for each guest and any other information you have imported or collected through the registration form.

To create an advanced event report, including Zoom details (the unique URL, join and leave time, the duration for each guest, and Zoom guests ID), use the Export section in the Account Settings to generate and export your event reports.

Q: Can I share the unique join link with guests outside of zkipster?

Yes, you can find the personalized join URL for each guest on their guest profile under the 'Zoom' tab. You can copy the link and share it with your guest outside of zkipster, if needed.

Q: Why does the event calendar invite/ entry show two different Zoom links - one in the event location field and one in the notes section?

The Zoom link in the event location of the calendar entry is your general Zoom event link. If your virtual event requires registration (all events created through zkipster require this, however, you can always change your Zoom event settings directly in Zoom), guests using this link will be prompted to re-register before accessing the event.

The link in the notes section of the calendar entry is the unique, personalized join link Zoom has generated for each registered guest - this is the URL your confirmed attendees will use to join your Zoom meeting or webinar.

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