While the zkipster interface is only available in English, there are different areas that you can use your local languages within zkipster. In this article we will go over how to utilize the different aspects of zkipster that support different languages.

Custom Fields

Standard zkipster fields will be displayed in English, but you are always free to setup your custom fields using your preferred language. Custom fields can be managed in the Guest Fields section on the left hand panel when inside your event or in the Default Guest Fields section of Account Settings. Please refer to this article on How to create and manage custom guest fields.

Please note: zkipster always requires at least a first or last name in the standard zkipster fields for guests to be added to the guest list. You are free to use custom fields in your preferred language to upload or collect other relevant information.

Display Name (Response Fields)

The display name of your response fields in an RSVP form can be shown in different languages to invitees - even if you see the field as English internally. For example, the First Name default field can be changed to the Chinese equivalent β€˜εβ€œ instead.
Please refer to this article on how to manage your response fields.

Pro tip: You can create and send different RSVP forms for each language group of guests according to their preference.

Right to Left (text editor)

The text editor for both email and forms within zkipster invitations supports right to left text support (to support Arabic, Hebrew and other RTL writing systems). In the text section of your invitations, you can choose this using the button shown below to begin writing from right to left. Please refer to this article on how to customize the design of your form and this article on how to setup the text section of your invitation.

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