The Form Builder gives you the opportunity to change the style of your response form to make it look completely on brand by adding text, logos, images, videos and changing the background displayed when viewing the form on the web page.

Reordering and Duplicating Image and Text Sections

The system will provide you with a Logo (Image), Header (Text) and Footer (Text) section by default, but you can amend these as you wish.

Please note that, while the Background tab is locked into place, all image and text sections are movable and can be reordered by simply dragging and dropping them into the desired position:

Each image and text section can easily be duplicated in case you need more than one of those items on your form. Simply hover with your cursor over the respective tab your want to copy for the Duplicate icon to appear:

To delete a section, click into the image or text tab you would like to get rid off and press 'Delete Section' at the very bottom right of the page. This is also where you are able adjust the top margin of each section:

Find out below how to customize your form section by section in more detail.


Background Color

Select this option if you want a plain color background on your form. If you have been given exact an HEX color code from your design team, you can simply paste it into the Background Color box.

Background Image

Upload a background image of your choosing (PNG, JPG, GIF). You can use whatever file size you like, however, the higher the image resolution the better - especially for screens with a high display resolution. Please note that the background image will remain fixed when scrolling on the form.

zkipster Watermark

In the Background section you can also turn off the zkipster watermark that appears at the bottom of the response form.


Internal Label

Give your image section a name in order to define its specific purpose on the form (i.e. Logo, Flyer, Signature, etc.), especially if you are working with more than one image file.

Show on all Pages

As long as this option is toggled ON, the respective image section will remain visible on the web page following a guest submitting their form response (i.e. 'Confirm' or 'Decline'). It will also still show up once the form has closed.

If you want your image to disappear from the response form following a guest's submission and once it is closed, switch the toggle to OFF.

Image Upload

Upload your image (JPG, PNG, GIF) by clicking into the square and selecting the picture from your files. The maximum file size is 5MB. Please be aware that the form width is 318 px so any larger images will be displayed and resized to that width automatically.

You can further adjust the width and height of your image manually and adjust the alignment on the form.

You can incorporate a weblink for your image, in case you want to your guests to visit a specific event landing page, company or venue website, etc.


As with the Image section(s), set up the Internal Label and Show on all Pages options as you need.

The Rich Text Editor enables you to:

  • Change the font, style, size and color of your text. (Please note that you are able to upload your own custom fonts on zkipster's Enterprise plan. More details here.)
  • Introduce horizontal lines across your text
  • Amend the text alignment to left, right or center
  • Add bullet or numbered lists
  • Insert hyperlinks
  • Enable Right to Left writing (to support Arabic, Hebrew and other RTL writing systems)
  • Embed videos. Check this article for further instructions
  • Insert tables
  • Use dynamic guest and event tags to personalize your form content
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