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How to Send your Invitation to Guest Relationships
How to Send your Invitation to Guest Relationships

Learn how to send your invitation not only to your main guest, but also to guests they are related to

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Once the Guest Relationships have been correctly defined, event planners on the Professional and Enterprise plans can choose to send an invitation to a main guest and also to any other related guest, independently from the guest list they are part of.

This comes in specially handy when you need to send the same invitation to a group of related people. For example, you can send your invitation to the guests under the 'Actors' guest list and choose to send the same invitation to their 'Agent' - any related guests with 'agent' as their relationship status will receive the invitation.

On the ‘Settings’ section of your invitation’s email you are able to select which guests you are sending the invitation to and include any relationship your guests have:

1 - Define your Email Subject Line, Preview Text, From Name, Reply to Email and Sender Email.

2 - From the ‘Send To’ dropdown menu, select if you want to send the email to an entire guest list, to the guest list of a specific Session or to individual guests.

3 - Choose which guest list, session or individual guests should receive this invitation.

4 - Tick the check box for ‘Also send to the following guests, regardless of their guest list or status’ and use the box field below to choose which relationship status group should also receive the invitation:

On the example above, the invitation will be sent to the guests from the 'Collaborators' guest list and any of their related guests that have the relationship status 'Personal Assistant', 'Manager' and 'Coworker'.

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