Seating with Relationships

Version 8.20 May 2022

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We are excited to announce our new release for Seating with Relationships! This allows event planners to view the Relationship between guests when creating the Seating Map.

In Summary, Seating with Relationships includes the following:

  • Relationship Button and edit icon added to the guest navigator.

  • ‘Relationships’ counter is now displayed when a guest is selected in the seating map.

  • A new ‘Relationships’ section is available in the Overview settings.

  • A 'Relationship' button is available via the 'Seating' tab for iOS and Android tablets to view guest's relationships.

Guest Seating

A ‘Relationships’ button and edit icon has been added to the guest navigator.

When selecting the Edit icon (pencil icon), it opens a page where you can edit the guest information.

When the relationship button is selected, you are able to see a list of the related guests underneath the main guest. Both the main guest and related guest will be highlighted and the main guest is marked with a green border.

The same view appears when selecting the ‘Relationships’ counter within the guest seating map pop-up box.

Overview & Printing

A new ‘Relationships’ section has been added to the Overview settings, allowing to trace lines between related guests by:

  • Table

  • Guest List

  • Guest

  • Relationship

Sample image if 'Table' view is selected:

Mobile Apps

A Relationship button and edit arrow for the Mobile app via the 'Seating' tab has been added for iPads and Android tablet devices only.

Similar to the browser, when selecting the Edit (arrow) icon a page opens where you can edit the guest information. When the 'Relationship' button is selected, the relationships view will appear and you will be able to view the related guests. The Main Guest will be marked with a green border on the Seating plan.

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