The zkipster app allows you to check in your guests quickly by scanning a barcode or QR code that is associated to their guest profile.

If you are using the Invitations feature, you have the option to create and send QR codes to your guests directly through zkipster! Find out how this feature works in more detail here.

Alternatively, you can also add QR codes to your zkipster name badges for easy on the day check-in and guest networking.

Scanning Barcodes and QR Codes on the App

The code scanner icon is located to the right of the search bar on Android devices and at the bottom of the screen on iOS devices:

After permitting zkipster access to your camera, scan your barcodes or QR codes by placing the square on the camera over the respective code. Once the code has been scanned, the guest profile will come up instantly giving you the opportunity to check in your guest(s). 

Scanning QR code on iPhone

Swipe the screen to the left for direct access to the camera. 

Scanning QR code on iPad

Please note: It is only possible to link the QR code or barcode to the Main Guest. Additional +1s can be checked in by clicking the dedicated check-in button for +1s directly underneath the main check-in button as normal.

Enabling Auto Check-in on the App

To speed things up even further, you can enable the ‘Check-in Guest After Scan’ function via the Settings of your zkipster app:

Switching on this function allows the app to automatically check-in your guests after scanning their code, without the need to manually press the check-in button on their profile:

Using Codes Generated Outside of zkipster

With the zkipster app, you can also scan QR and barcodes that have been generated outside of the zkipster system. To check-in guests on the app using codes created outside of the platform, you will need to upload the code values (i.e. the encoded information contained inside the code) for each of your guests as an additional custom field via your excel spreadsheet when importing your guest list.

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